Fun and Interesting Facts about Kent Paul Scarborough

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Kent Paul Scarborough has a rich professional background to show, he has been a former CEO and entrepreneur. He is unlike most of the ordinary entrepreneurs in fact the perfect definition of him is an extra-ordinary CEO and entrepreneur.


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Fun and Interesting Facts about Kent Paul Scarborough:

Fun and Interesting Facts about Kent Paul Scarborough

Kent Paul Scarborough overview:

Kent Paul Scarborough overview Kent Paul Scarborough  has had a rich and admirable professional life since he began his active career life. He has served in a number of high profile firms and companies as CEO and at various senior levels. Aside from his work as a CEO, he also doubles up as a successful entrepreneur that boasts of numerous start-ups that have been built from scratch to success. For Kent Scarborough, work is not just a means to earn money, have a decent life and get something to eat but also something he finds fun .


He is a great team player and problem-solver who works best to identify a need and then matching it with relevant solution. He got a strong entrepreneurial spirit that has always ensured that he excels at he does. He believes in working both hard and smart as this according to him, is the cornerstone of working to get success .


In terms of building proven relationships within his industry and scope, you can count Kent Paul Scarborough in. He is a proven relationship builder and also a strong negotiator who will negotiate effortlessly to make deals. In terms of creative strategic thinking,  Kent Scarborough  can’t be underestimated too. He is a creative and strategic thinker who is very persistent and passionate with what he does. He enjoys outstanding conceptual thinking ability something that is usually lacking in most senior executives in the industry .

The Philanthropic and Volunteer Position That Kent Paul Scarborough Has Served In:

The Philanthropic and Volunteer Position That Kent Paul Scarborough Has Served In Board Member & Volunteer 2014 – 2015 It is no secret that Kent Paul Scarborough likes to serve others and that’s why he readily offered himself to become a board member at the Wounded Heroes Organization between 2014 and 2015. If you are wondering what this organization is all about, kindly just keep reading to find more about it here. Wounded Heroes Organization is a charity organization that was set up in Australia with the wounded soldiers in mind. It is an organization that was formed to help wounded soldiers suffering PTSD and physical disabilities inflicted on them through wars that they participate on behalf of the government .

While at the board he helped offer the following services::

While at the board he helped offer the following services: Assisting and referrals to chaplains for human to human communication, advice and referral. Providing non-repayable cash loans to donations to suffering soldier’s spouses and children so they can live comfortably. Restoring or renovating of the dwellings of the returning soldiers who are physically and mentally disabled. This allows easy living for those who are wheelchair bound and with PSTD to lead a much easier life .

Other Professional Background Information about Him:

Other Professional Background Information about Him As already described in this article above, Kent Paul Scarborough has worked in a number of management positions at various firms and organizations . Here is a sneak peep at some of his professional roles: AAA Trade Power, Sydney - Solar Manager (2010 – 2011) AAA Trade Power, Sydney – Insulation Owner Manager (2009 – 2011) AAA Trade Power, Australia – Main Contractor (2005 – 2006) World Wide Home Loans,  Australia, Sydney – CEO & Director (1992 – 2008) Gourment Wine VAC INC, Los Angeles, California, USA – Vice President (1990 – 1991 )

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