Locating an object - distance and displacement1

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Kinematics :

Kinematics The Study of Motion

Scalar and vector:

Scalar and vector I drove 125 kms and reached my destination I drove 125 kms south and reached my destination


Scalars Described by their magnitude only ex. distance(d) = 5 km speed(v) = 20ft/s mass(m) = 0.56 g time(t) = 3.7 s


Vector quantities are described by both their magnitude and direction ex. displacement (d) =5km [north] velocity (v) = 20ft/s [NW] force (F) = 340N [fwd]

distance and displacement:

distance and displacement distance - how far an object has travelled from its original position displacement - how far away an object is from its original position

PowerPoint Presentation:

How is the butterfly’s distance different than its displacement?

PowerPoint Presentation:

What is the skiers distance and displacement at t=1min, t=2 min and t=3 min?

Graphing time and position:

Graphing time and position What does the graph tell us about the objects movement?

PowerPoint Presentation:

How are these two graphs different? What do they tell us about how the motion is different?

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