Hiring a Marquee, Types and Advantages of Marquee

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Hiring a Marquee Types and Advantages of Marquee Western summer never gets complete without a marquee wedding or a party. The gentle race of the sun fresh air laughter music chatting and the joy of relaxed shade under the marquee makes them remember able one and a further awaiting event that would occur recurrently. Marquee literally means a roof top tent which is open on all the sides used mainly for outdoor entertainment. Advantages of marquees: There are three main advantages of hiring a marquee. One any given place is suitable for the marquee. It can be at the sea shore a party marquee hire hall backyard of a house or name it any square of land they can easily fit in at any size. Two While working on the marquee florists caterers venue and many more can be customised based on any given concept and theme. Three a lot of space is available for fun and entertainment activities children play space and fresh air. Types of marquees: There are two types of marquees that are built. One is lined marquee which is a luxurious one and is covered by all the sides with PVC walls. This type of marquee is mainly used for wedding and lavish functions. They can be extended with various chambers and can be air conditioned. Second is unlined marquee which is just opposite to that of the latter. They are comparatively cheaper and used mainly for casual and simpler events. Wedding Marquees: This is a one day big event in every body’s life which can be held on a sea shore to a desert but any grounded platform is best suitable for a marquee. Party Marquee: From small birthdays to any little event in our house these are an optimal replacement for party halls and hotels. Corporate Marquees: An outdoor meeting or a celebration party can be easily carried out with the help of corporate marquees. They are tailor-made according to the needs o the customers. Catering Marquees: Usually when an event is held outdoor or at a home catering needs a special attention and space. Marquee meets all the standards needed for catering that is from placement of table and chair crockery placement buffet area and so on.

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The marquees are hired on weekends or weekdays and the rent of them depends on the days of rent and whether it is on a weekend or a weekday. The PVC walls can easily be opened and secured depending on our needs. During winter season a hard floor and a high power heater are a must to keep the marquee warm and hence they must be planned in advance of the event. The fabric that is used for building the marquee is fire-resistant and hence they ensure safety. Marquees can be laid on flat ground as well as a slope. They can be easily adjusted to any type of floor surface. These are also storm proof and can withhold a wind of 60 to 80 mph. These marquees can also be extended from the building as an outlet or a connecting means between buildings in the form of walkways. All the above advantage makes Marquees another good option to make our special day an unforgettable event. Address: Kenilworth Marquee Hire Mobbswood Farm Brinklow Road Ansty Coventry CV7 9JN

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