Immigration Law Firm: A Guide to U.S. Immigration


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Tsitos Law is a Kendall based immigration law firm that has experienced immigration lawyers that can help you get U.S. citizenship in an easy way.


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+1 786-815-6296 8785 SW 165th Ave Suite 106-G Miami FL 33193 Getting citizenship to the USA is a little difficult and expensive. Applications may be rejected due to improper filings. If you are seeking immigration to the USA the best way is to find the best   that know all immigration matters very well and get your citizenship applied by them. Here are a few things that U.S. immigration law includes and you must have knowledge about them. Immigration Law Firm: A Guide to U.S. Immigration immigration law firm U.S. Immigration Policy Features Immigrants with skills and experience are highly recommended. Family Reconciliation

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U.S. includes the following types of immigration. immigration law Both president and congress provide the number of Refugee admissions and focus on their protection. Diversity Promotion U.S. Immigration Types Family-Based Immigration It is an important part of U.S. immigration policy. According to this U.S. citizens and LPRs can bring their family members to the country USA through the family preference system. Requirements: An immigrant can be the spouse of U.S. citizen. Can be minor Below 21 Years Old unmarried children of U.S. citizen. Can be parents of U.S. citizen. Employment-Based Immigration Immigrants with good skills and experience are being invited by the U.S to support their economy and development. There are two classifications of employment-based immigration. One is a temporary visa and another is a permanent visa.

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In temporary employment a U.S. based employer can hire foreign nationals for limited time periods. In permanent employment An employer can hire a foreigner on a permanent basis if the person has extraordinary skills and experience. Refugees and Asylees Immigration Refugees are accepted by the United States if they are unable to return to their home country due to any strong reason like security. Protection of Refugees is also considered in the Refugee immigration policy. Applicant must be at least 18 years old with continues residency and has good moral character. English and U.S. history exam should be passed. U.S. Citizenship To qualify for the U.S. citizenship you must have LPR status at least for 5 years or 3 years if the green card is obtained through the spouse visa. A Other Requirements:

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