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Use the verb jugar to talk about playing a sport or game. Jugar uses the same endings as regular ar verbs: (o, as, a, amos, an). However, jugar is a stem-changing verb which means it changes in the stem when conjugated. The “u” changes to “ue when conjugated except in the nosotoros from.

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Remember that the stem is what you have left after you take of the infintive ending. Jugar-infinitive Jugar Jug-stem The “u” changes to “ue” so the stem becomes jueg in all forms except nosotros.

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We play soccer. Nosotros jugamos al fútbol. Tiger Woods plays golf. Tiger Woods juega al golf. Serena and Venus play tennis. Serena y Venus juegan al tenis. Lebron James plays basketball. Lebron James juega al básquetbol. What sport do you play? ¿A qué deporte juegas? Examples

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