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From the owners of Tanner Smith's, Vida Verde is an upbeat bi-level cocktail with Outdoor & rooftop bar midtown NYC. Vida Verde marries Mexican flavor and NYC cocktail culture.


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VIDA VERDE ROOFTOP BAR MIDTOWN NYC MAKES MANHATTAN A SPECIAL PLACE If there is going to be one that reminds you of how special Manhattan could be it would be the delicious late night food Manhattan has always been a safe haven for food lovers and in recent times this city harbors one of the best Mexican restaurant in the scene the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant is the best Mexican restaurant to have a delicious late night serving the best late night food in midtown.

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This rooftop bar midtown nyc restaurant brings the best dishes you are looking for and the menu has a variety of delicious Mexican cuisines to go with whether you prefer to be served local dishes or international Mexican cuisines you will always get the best dish for a late night food the Vida Verde’s menu covers a wide range of delicacies there is the delicious loaded guacamoles and it is the best we have guacamole in midtown they have the best tacos in midtown tortillas and many other inspiring Mexican fares and if you are looking for something more different from the regular Mexican dishes you can go with other tasty delicacies on the list one thing for sure is that you will enjoy your late night food at the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant you can also go with the brunch Vida Verde has the best rooftop bars midtown and the delicious taste of the food is one you will not want to miss. While you will love the Mexican dishes you will not also want to miss the delicious drinks that Vida Verde has the taste of the drinks is quite refreshing they have a delicious margaritas drink made in different version and properly infused with the best mescal and tequila the cocktail program combines the best from Mexico and NYC giving the best standard possible I bet you can’t wait to have a delicious crafted cocktail along with a delicious Mexican meal they bring delicious cocktails on board while infusing natural ingredients to give a spectacular taste. Another thing that has set the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant from other restaurants is the style and setting this classic restaurant has this bi-level restaurant has a outdoor

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patio midtown and a convivial and lively setting for any private occasion of your choice As long as you want to host the best private events in midtown you can bring it down to the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant you will definitely love everything about the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant. When it comes to the best late night food in midtown you should give it to the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant they have delicious dishes and their tasty cocktails are a must try also serving the best rooftop bar midtown in any case you are looking for the ideal Mexican food near you always remember to give the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant a try if you also want to grab a delicious margaritas near you can come to Vida Verde this restaurant is situated at 248 west 47 th street the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant opens by 11 am to 2 am on Mondays to Tuesdays and also on Wednesdays to Sundays by 11 am to 4 am.