HumanEdj for Multi-Organization Teamwork


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How the HumanEdj software from Role Modellers supports multi-organization teamwork - the 20% of work responsible for 80% of costs.


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PowerPoint Presentation: A Gartner Cool Vendor 1 HumanEdj for Multi-Organization Teamwork

80-20 Rule of Business Processes:

80-20 Rule of Business Processes A Gartner Cool Vendor 2 Predictable Collaborative Internal Business Process Management Case Management With Partners Project Management ? Multi-Organization Teamwork Document sharing is not enough! And replication capability is critical … 80% of your costs come from 20% of your processes

Multi-Organization Teamwork in the Public Sector:

Multi-Organization Teamwork in the Public Sector Policy implementation Different channels for action New, merged or split bodies Changed responsibilities Public safety Child protection Vulnerable adults Problem families Emergency response Transport breakdown Extreme weather Terrorist attack A Gartner Cool Vendor 3 All repeat regularly

Multi-Organization Teamwork in the Private Sector:

Multi-Organization Teamwork in the Private Sector Social Media marketing Collaborative product design Large-scale engineering projects A Gartner Cool Vendor 4 All repeat regularly

Multi-Organization Teamwork The Problem:

Multi-Organization Teamwork The Problem Responsibility without authority  “Assigning” documents and tasks Leads to endless status chasing And many complex software tools But no guarantee of results! A Gartner Cool Vendor 5

Multi-Organization Teamwork The Solution:

Multi-Organization Teamwork The Solution Virtual Team Planning  Transparency and empowerment Lets people commit to shared goals Managers spend their time helping (rather than chasing) Work structures can be replicated while letting details flex each time A Gartner Cool Vendor 6

Virtual Team Planning:

Virtual Team Planning Stages Concurrent , goal-directed work streams Roles Responsible for supporting specific goals Activities Contributions to specific outcomes A Gartner Cool Vendor 7 Deliverables have attached financial & impact information That provides automatic, real-time reporting Risks, issues, benefits, costs, revenues, effort, deadlines, …

NHS England 2013/14:

NHS England 2013/14 £110 billion per annum, 1.4 million staff Budget must reduce by £20 billion But innovation lifecycle is 17 years! A Gartner Cool Vendor 8


NHS GATHER A Gartner Cool Vendor 9 The simple Stages-Roles-Activities model supports everything … P owered by HumanEdj (with no other tools required)

Status at a glance:

Status at a glance A Gartner Cool Vendor 10

Timeline in real time:

Timeline in real time A Gartner Cool Vendor 11

Integrated Documents and Messages:

Integrated Documents and Messages A Gartner Cool Vendor 12 Submit via Web or normal email

Simple 1-click Reporting:

Simple 1-click Reporting A Gartner Cool Vendor 13

Graphical Dashboards:

Graphical Dashboards A Gartner Cool Vendor 14

Co-ordinate Multiple Projects:

Co-ordinate Multiple Projects A Gartner Cool Vendor 15

Updates via Feeds:

Updates via Feeds A Gartner Cool Vendor 16

Showcasing in Portals:

Showcasing in Portals A Gartner Cool Vendor 17

Explanation in Popups:

Explanation in Popups A Gartner Cool Vendor 18


HumanEdj Multi-Organization Teamwork is the 20% 80% of the costs 80% of the value? Replication capability is very valuable Healthcare i nnovation is just one example All organizations collaborate with partners Modern teams are not co-located New techniques are needed Tasks and documents  Transparency and empowerment  Virtual Team Planning One simple model One simple tool A Gartner Cool Vendor 19

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