Try One Of London’s Best Greek Restaurant In Camden For An Authentic T

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Try One Of London’s Best Greek Restaurant In Camden For An Authentic Taste For a long time Londoners have struggled to find the best Greek restaurant in Camden is home to many Greek restaurants but menus extend very rarely extend the usual offerings salads and basic grilled meats. But why things have changed in recent time According to a Greek food importer "after the second war and during the 60s many Greeks came to London to get work which was simple for them since it was a part of the Commonwealth. Greeks around then moved for the most part to UK. In this way most Greek restaurants in the UK were Greek restaurants. "Nowadays due to the economic crisis in Greece many Greek people are going to the UK to open restaurants. Well be seeing a lot more opening in the coming few years. We will also start seeing more Greek food items making up in the UK as Greek people are headed to the fields and farms so as to bring home the bacon." So London might be nearly a Greek restaurant boom but where is a great idea to eat Greek food at the right time Theres an important trend however shouldnt something be said about restaurants Theres something so evocative about Greek cooking. Plump purple olives and creamy feta sprinkled with olive oil barbecued fish spiked with thyme glasses of chilled local wine. Its the flavor of summer evenings and warm breezes fragrant with jasmine. Back in London however Greek food has been stigmatized by plate-crushing Karavas the Greek restaurant on tap well find exactly how great genuine Greek food can be. Greek and Greek-Cypriot chefs will praise their food in a cook-off to find who cooks the best kebabs bakes and sweets with tastings. Whether its as great as they get in Greece London appears to have experienced a med restaurant boom of late. More specific Greek cooking is presently plentiful city-wide with an abundance of eateries offering extraordinary traditional fare and street food. These are our favorite best Greek restaurants near me to experience the area without leaving London.