Is there free open source code for mobile apps like Uber?

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There are many open-source codes available for mobile apps like Uber. Here comes the best Uber clone script.


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Is there any free open source code for mobile apps like Uber

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SYNOPSIS 2 ➔A bout Woob erly ➔Specia lities in Woob erly ●Single co debase ●Rapid development ● Perfect solution for MVP ●Elevatin g performance ➔Features of Wooberly ●Driver ● Rider

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3 ● Yes there are many open-source codes available for mobile apps like Uber. ● But it would not be equivalent to the paid product that mainly depends on tech support quality on-time delivery etc. ● We have built our own new product Wooberly — Uber clone with the 100 source code latest technologies Flutter.

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About Wooberly Wooberly serves as the best choice to build an on-demand business with our 100 customizable Uber clone apps. It is built with latest technology Flutter. 4

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Specialities of Wooberly 5 ● Single codebase ● Rapid development ● Perfect solution for MVP ● Elevating performance

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6 Single codebase

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➔ It is useful to launch apps on both platforms at a time that helps add many new features simultaneously and also time consuming.

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8 Rapid development

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➔ Hot Reload allows you to analyze and change the code within a fraction of seconds that accelerate the development process and gives a better experience.

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10 Perfect solution for MVP

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➔ It serves as the best choice for developing MVP. ➔ It helps reach the market at a rapid speed saves development costs and it will provide native-like performance.

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12 Elevating performance

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➔ Complying directly to native code by using dart. ➔ Hence there is no need for bridges between apps and platforms. It automatically helps speed up startup time and improves performance.

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Features of Wooberly 14 Driver

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Registration A driver can sign into the uber clone platform with ease and a smooth registration process includes driver details that help riders to easily identify them. Payout Method Drivers have the option to receive their payment via cash and Stripe payment gateway. Multi currency and multi language option Drivers can choose any international currency. Our uber clone supports 24+ currency and supports 4 languages — English Spanish Italy and Portuguese.

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Trips It helps the driver to View the upcoming and completed trips that include receipts and messages. Push notifications Get real-time updates of bookings and location tracking of the rider making it easier to know better. Ratings A driver can give ratings for the riders.

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17 Rider

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Registration Ease registration process for the rider with a Twilio SMS gateway that provides verification code for the confirmation and eliminates the fake users. Diverse vehicle options With this interesting feature in our uber clone the rider can select their vehicles as per the list is shown as per their wish and convenience. Live tracking It helps riders to track and monitor each and every moment of the driver and they can also easily track their rides too.

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Fare estimation Afer entering the pickup and drop location of a ride the rider automatically came to know the approximate fare amount for their ride. Push notifications Riders will be able to get live rapid updates and get notified regarding their ride details at their fingertips. Ratings A rider can give ratings for the drivers.

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THANK YOU For more info visit clone/ 20