Renovating RentALL iOS v1.6.0

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Refreshed new release of RentALL iOS v1.6.0 with many new and exciting features that makes RentALL iOS app more interesting.


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slide 1: Renovating RentALL iOS V1.6

slide 2:

SYNOPSIS 2 What is RentALL New set of features ● Access inquiry request option ● Attractive App landing page ● Updation of Message notification ● Renovating listing google map location ● Auto layout system ● Bug fixes and improvements

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Recapitulating- WHAT IS RentALL 3 RentALL is a customizable Airbnb clone script helping entrepreneurs to build their rental sharing platforms.

slide 4:

1. Access inquiry request option 4

slide 5:

5 ● Allows users Guests to send an inquiry request to the host. Booking will be confirmed afer getting approval from the host. ● It provides flexibility for the guest to book afer the confirmation of availability.

slide 6:

2. Attractive landing page 6

slide 7:

7 ● Attractive landing page designed to attract and enrich the experience of both guest and host. ● The explore page will be displayed to the guest and the listing page will be displayed to the host. ● This option helps in better conversions.

slide 8:

3. Message notifications updation 8

slide 9:

9 ● Message notification option that intimates you with the recently received messages without delay and directly takes you to the message page and trips page.

slide 10:

4. Renovating listing google map 10

slide 11:

11 ● Google map renovation in the listing location page that help the users to select and change their live location on the map based on their preferences. ● This option will enhance the experience of the users.

slide 12:

5. Auto layout system 12

slide 13:

13 ● Auto layout system will help to keep the button central in different orientations and devices. ● Upgraded auto-layout system for homepage login page and signup page that make it easy to respond appropriately to changes in different screen sizes.

slide 14:

6. Bug fixes and improvements 14

slide 15:

15 ● Fixed the bugs in the add photo section and now the user can easily add their cover photo without any hassle. ● Restricted the unwanted message toasters.

slide 16:

Improvements 16

slide 17:

17 ● Improved sign in screen with new gradient color ● Enhanced the alignment of new message screen ● Enriched gmail verification screen with the new update of universal link

slide 18:

18 THANK YOU For more updates please v isit https://w ww.renta

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