Supranational Cooperation in the European Union

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Supranational Cooperation in the European Union:

Supranational Cooperation in the European Union


Instructions Each slide contains a question or questions (on some slides the question is the title) Answer each question in the space provided to the right of each slide Always use your own words, particularly when defining terms or explaining something Read every slide completely

What is supranational cooperation?:

What is supranational cooperation ? EU countries use supranational cooperation to work toward shared goals. At the same time, they remain separate countries. While these countries are united in some ways, they are divided in others. The purpose of this cooperation is to strengthen economic ties and unite the people of Europe.

1. Do all countries in the EU use the euro? 2. List three countries that do not belong to the EU. 3. When did Greece join the EU? :

1. Do all countries in the EU use the euro? 2. List three countries that do not belong to the EU. 3. When did Greece join the EU? The European Union, 2009 The Growth of the European Union Before 2004, all of the European Union countries were in Western Europe. In 2004, ten new member countries put Central and Eastern Europe on the EU map. Two more countries joined in 2007. The European Union promotes cooperation among member countries.

What are three economic forces that unite the EU?:

What are three economic forces that unite the EU ?

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GDP is the total value of goods and services produced in a place. By joining together, members of the EU trade bloc have far more economic power than they would have acting alone. Which country has the highest GDP? The EU has a GDP roughly equal to what country? Who has the higher GDP, India or France? What is the GDP of Japan? Is it fair to say that the GDP of China is greater than that of Germany, France, and the United Kingdom combined?

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Erasing EU Borders In January 2002, the euro became the currency in 12 EU countries. About 291 million people traded in their old money for euros . 1. According to the cartoon, what effect has the euro had on Europe? 2. How can you tell which countries have adopted the euro?

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What is the purpose of the EU? How does the EU accomplish its purpose?

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This map is a cartogram. Cartograms are used to compare numerical data about different places. This map compares the number of representatives for each EU member country in 2009. Which country has the most representatives? Why ? Identify the four countries with the fewest representatives. How many representatives do they have altogether ?

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Read the selection below. What does “United in Diversity” mean ?

Follow the instructions below:

Follow the instructions below Go to and choose a country to explore. Read about it. Write a paragraph that briefly describes your country. Go to http:// and explore the kids’ corner links. Make a list of the more interesting things you discovered about the EU.

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