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Note Taking Skills


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Taking Good Lecture Notes : 

Taking Good Lecture Notes Debra St. George

WHY ? : 

WHY ? Important asset in test preparation Need to have the facts to review information

Good Lecture Notes Must: : 

Good Lecture Notes Must: Indicate main points of the Lecture Relate detail to the Main Points Enrich the Content Present a Neat, Attractive Appearance

HOW ? : 

HOW ? Prepare a minimum of 2 hours outside of class for each lecture hour Know the subject of each lecture before you walk in the door Look over main headings, key words, tables and figures

Review : 

Review Reread previous notes just before class

Rewrite : 

Rewrite If notes are messy, rewrite or type them the same day

Space : 

Space Leave plenty of space on the notebook page Write on one side of the paper Skip lines Put question marks in margins as a reminder

Be Timely : 

Be Timely Review each day’s notes the same day you take them

Shorthand : 

Shorthand Develop your own style of abbreviations

Highlight : 

Highlight Underline or use color to highlight important terms

Outline : 

Outline List main topics and subtopics using letters and numbers List main topics and subtopics using bullets or dashes I A. B. 1. 2. ---- ---- ----

Questions : 

Questions 2 Columns: Notes on right Questions or comments on left

Concept Map : 

Concept Map Relates key concepts and facts to one another

Book : 

Book Take your textbook to class

Audiovisual : 

Audiovisual Take notes during audiovisual presentations

Signals : 

Signals Techniques used in class to show students that a topic is important

Make The Notes Your Own : 

Make The Notes Your Own