Changing lives one student at a time.

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Changing lives one student at a time. :

Changing lives one student at a time. Kayla Hayes [email protected] March 28, 2017 EEX 4070

Hans Christian Andersen Elementary Brevard Public Schools Rockledge, FL:

Hans Christian Andersen Elementary Brevard Public Schools Rockledge, FL For my service learning experience I went to Hans Christian Andersen Elementary school. The child I worked with was high performing on the Autism spectrum level and is inside a traditional kindergarten classroom setting. The teachers at Andersen elementary work their very best to ensure that each child succeeds.

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities The community of Rockledge works hard to ensure that each student receives quality care. I had the pleasure to work in Mrs. Snows kindergarten classroom. I have worked hard over the past couple of weeks to create curriculum and modifications that best supports the child with autism. He deserves the chance to learn and grow in a traditional classroom setting that meets his needs.

First visit:

First visit Upon the first visit I was able to sit down and discuss accommodations that can be made for him with Mrs. Snow. She and I worked together to create a better classroom environment that would support his needs. Through teacher resources, I helped modify his morning work. The class was learning Long “A” and “I” vowel sounds. He was able to color the pictures and identify what category they categorize under.

Participant Demographics:

Participant Demographics The child with autism spectrum disorder is 5 years old who will turn 6 on April 6 th , 2017. He is at the High-functioning end of the autism spectrum. He has had a lot of disciplinary issues this year. My goal for this service learning project was to create material that can help him better transition through the day. I worked with a student who is the only child in the classroom with Autism.

Service in Action:

Service in Action He was having a hard time with transitions throughout the day. With help from Mrs. Snow I created a first and then Velcro schedule. It has helped him transition smoother.

Service Learning:

Service Learning I spent a lot of time with Mrs. Snow creating a “Calm down” corner. This allows the student to relax when he is overwhelmed or upset. In the calm down corner there is a calm down kit that includes (Sensory bottles, sensory toys, and a liquid timer). A deep breathing chart, he uses the technique “ Smell the flower and blow out the cupcake”. A rocking chair to also help him calm down.

Service Learning:

Service Learning

Perceptions of Differences:

Perceptions of Differences I have never enjoyed a service learning project so much. This has taught me so many techniques to use inside of my classroom. Before my service learning assignment I was afraid to help create curriculum for this child because I was afraid he wouldn’t respond to it. After this experience, I am actually looking for volunteer opportunities that will allow me to get a deeper insight on children with disabilities. Watching this child use the calm down corner that we made for him, showed me that accommodations do work. I am now more confident when working with children with disabilities. At first I was afraid because I was unsure of the reaction I would receive but I am not more confident than ever.

Connections to Your Course:

Connections to Your Course What I better understand accommodations, modifications, and file-folder games. By providing and creating a calm down corner, morning work, file folder game, and a first and then transition scheduler I was able to provide the above three concepts we have learned. I have a deeper understanding of this course now that I was able to put my learning into action. I will take these skills where ever I go, because there will always be a child who can benefit from accommodations or modifications.

Civic Engagement:

Civic Engagement I have changed the way I feel about volunteering. Before this experience I associated volunteering with just more work, but now I can use it to change lives. I think civic engagement shows people they are cared for and loved. I think service learning is a method of learning that you will never forget, it changes you for the better. This experience has motivated me to become more active in my community. I will encourage any student or teacher to become a part in service learning. It is life changing!

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

Final Thoughts & Reflections I think it is important that children with disabilities have extracurricular activities that they can join. I would like to work on making that happen in my community. Teachers play an important role in teaching others about service learning. I think a teacher can impact the lives of her students and parents. This learning experience has taught me a lot about children with disabilities and also a lot about myself. I am so thankful that I was able to take part in this service learning experience.

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