Poster Planning, Development and Final Design

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Ancillary Poster Planning :

Ancillary Poster Planning By Katie Reed

Identifying my poster design…:

Identifying my poster design… My poster is a theatrical poster as it only contains basic information like the name of he film and some of the actors who were involved. There is also a picture of one of the main characters too. Through narrative I have been able to identify the genre through the different conventions used on a poster cover. The written text I have used is a green font which fades into a darker green the further that it expands outwards. The image I have used is of the main character looking into the distance. His body language is a casual stand however him looking into the distance suggests that he is grief and distress.

My Plan…:

My Plan… My plan consists of different colour schemes , a dark background, in low-key lighting with a green, glowey light which creates high- key lighting so it therefore shows contrast. For the film title I wanted to use the colour green but I wanted o create darker tones as well as lighter tones in the actual font. To create meaning through editing I have added a ‘Rec’ button in the corner as I wanted to create a grainy effect to make it looks like CCTV footage like we have used in our media product. The back ground image is of an underground station in London which is one of the main locations in our film and it is also recognisable to the audience. At the bottom the production company and actors names are presented. The main image of our film is a picture of the main character looking into the distance.

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