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Poster research :

Poster research By Katie Reed


The Looper poster cover was inspiration for my own poster. It uses various different layers to create effective meaning. It also uses tints and different effects to show the location, characters and different lighting. The colour scheme is mainly blue with a darker edging and a lighter middle. I liked the low-key lighting around the actors which is why I chose to do my b ackground darker fading into lighter. The main image is a two-shot of the main characters pointing guns. The background image is a location where the film is set and fades into the edging of the darker blue. The film title of this particular poster is “Looper” it stands out as it is in a white, bold text and is clearly visible to see. The actors names, production company and release date , etc. can be found at the bottom of the poster.


The film title is shown at the bottom in a bold, white, capitalised font so it easy to see. The release date is presented in a bigger sized font compared to the cast and crew listing. This is because this film poster is the teaser so it is meant to intrigue a potential audience. The main colour scheme is a blue background, however due to the costumes of the main characters there are aspects of different colours shown throughout. The background image is of the location of where the film is set, this is so the audience are able to see what may be seen in the film. The mise -en-scene is clearly visible which suggests that they are superheroes due to the man on the right being in a cape, also the main in the red marvel suit maybe seen as protagonist due to the high-key lighting shown on his hand which looks like he is stopping something.

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