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Writing Informative/Explanatory Texts:

Writing Informative/Explanatory Texts Katie Preston Fifth Grade

What is an Informative Text?:

What is an Informative T ext? A type of non-fiction writing Explores a subject Facts about a topic Helps reader understand topic

What Are Examples of Informative Texts?:

What Are Examples of Informative T exts? Textbooks Magazine articles Newspaper articles

How to Pick a Topic:

How to Pick a Topic Think of Goldilocks! Too big, too small, just right? Example: dogs, dog toy, corgis Make sure you like it!

Getting Started:

Getting Started Research your topic Internet, books, magazines, newspapers Brainstorm ideas Outline writing

Organizing Your Writing:

Organizing Your Writing Hamburger Method Each part of burger is paragraph Pointnshoot , “ Hegenburger 1/3 lb. Cheese Burger“ May 5th, 2007 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution

The Top Bun: Introduction:

The Top Bun: Introduction Hook your reader Introduce topic Discuss what you’ll be writing about

The Meat & Condiments: Body Paragraphs:

The Meat & Condiments: Body Paragraphs At least three body paragraphs At least five sentences per paragraph Explore topic Contains the facts

The Meat & Condiments Continued:

The Meat & Condiments Continued For each paragraph, remember TED Topic Evidence Discuss

Using Evidence:

Using Evidence Make sure information is right! Use quotes “…” when needed List authors or website

The Bottom Bun: Conclusion:

The Bottom Bun: Conclusion Summarize your paragraphs Ex. As you can see… Wrap-up Leave your reader interested

Don’t Forget!:

Don’t Forget! Spelling and grammar matter! Avoid using: I, me, my, you Transition Organize information

When You Finish Writing…:

When You Finish Writing… Read your writing out loud Check spelling Check grammar Does it make sense?

Partner Review:

Partner Review Write down questions about partner’s writing Check for grammar/spelling problems Revise!


Assignment Informative essay on country of choice Ideas: Culture, religion, land, etc. Five paragraphs (intro, three body, conclusion) Partner Review


Summary Informative writing teaches reader about topic Research is necessary/incorporate facts Write in hamburger format Check your work!

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