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Problem Solving Approach:

Problem Solving Approach A presentation by Katherine Whitmire

What is the PSA?:

What is the PSA? A guide to solving workplace problems through communication Includes 5 steps: PLAN RESEARCH Draft Review Distribute


Who. What. When. Where. Why. Plan


Research Determine what information you need Conduct research Organize your information


Draft Finalize your goals, methods and format Design and arrange the document Integrate interesting visuals to convey the message


Review Test the document Get feedback from others Revise or rewrite Edit to ensure correctness

Distribute :

Distribute Deliver the document Follow-up Assess the outcome

Advantages of the PSA:

Advantages of the PSA Organization Step-by-Step process Results in a better outcome!

What I learned:

What I learned Feedback!

Effective Communication:

Effective Communication Take the time to think out what you want to say Be thorough Make sure your message is properly conveyed

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