Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

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This presentation discusses the difference between the two skills.


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Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills:

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

Soft Skills:

Soft skills are defined by as: “ desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude” Soft Skills

Examples include::

Social capital Friendliness Optimism Listening Ethical Behavior Honesty Responsibility Collaboration Creativity Examples include:

Hard Skills:

Hard skills are technical skills learned for a specific job. These skills may often be easily evaluated. These skills may be specifically taught in training. Hard Skills

What is the difference?:

What is the difference? Soft Skills Hard Skills Soft Skills are something you may have learned indirectly from your family Example: the way a nurse interacts with his patients and soothes them Can you teach someone to be nice???? Hard Skills may be taught as long as one has the ability to learn them Example: learning how to draw blood from a patient’s arm If you have a desire to learn the skill, you will probably be able to learn it.

We can teach you math…….:

But we cannot teach you to have a good attitude, be pleasant, listen, collaborate, care for others, have pride in yourself and your work, have a good work ethic, get along with other people, have manners, make good choices, be honest, get along with others, be likeable, be mature, use common sense, be creative, be adaptable, be flexible, negotiate, resolve conflicts, ……………. We can teach you math…….

Or can we?:

School is about teaching you hard and soft skills. Yes, some people naturally have more soft skills, but much of your course work indirectly teaches you these skills as well. Think about this: What soft skills do you learn by wearing a uniform to school? What soft skills do you learn by having to be at school on time? Many parts of your day are geared towards indirectly teaching you the soft skills you need to be successful in life. Or can we?

Why do we want to teach you soft skills?:

Through this lesson you will read information discussing how important these soft skills are for your future. Hard skills may get you a job someday, but the soft skills will give you opportunities for advancement and help you keep your job. Why do we want to teach you soft skills?

Soft Skills are ……:

Soft Skills are …… Employability Skills!!!!