How To Use Social Media To Get A Job


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How to Use Social Media to Launch Your Career:

How to Use Social Media to Launch Your Career

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The most important social media outlet to be active on is LinkedIn . This site provides valuable tools that allow you to look good to employers , and give you the opportunity to search for jobs in your industry . Here are some important tips :

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Look at other people’s profiles who hold the position you want - you can learn a lot from other people. Be sure to list your skills and try to get endorsements if you can!

LinkedIn lets you see who has viewed your profile- don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have shown interest in you. :

LinkedIn lets you see who has viewed your profile - don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have shown interest in you.

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BE ACTIVE! Update your skills and information 2-3 times per month. Write a good summary of yourself that is unique and memorable. Make sure you have a personalized URL for your LinkedIn.

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Search companies that you are interested in working for, and see if you have a 1 st or 2 nd connections at the company.

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You can search for jobs by keywords, location, functions, experience, industries, and salary.

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Your twitter account should represent you as a professional. If you need to, you should create a separate account , and make sure your personal account is completely private .

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Follow relevant people and companies in your field. Use the “who to follow” tab to find similar influential people and companies that will provide valuable information

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Say things that will matter to people, and that will start a conversation. Your content should be interesting and relevant.

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Don’t be afraid to use the Direct Message feature if there is someone that you want to talk to. But remember to be professional .

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You can connect your Twitter to your LinkedIn so that people who are not on Twitter can see what you are tweeting about by looking at your LinkedIn. This also makes your Twitter look more professional to any Twitter friends who are not yet connected to you on LinkedIn.

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Facebook is different than the other two networks. It is best to use Facebook to see if your current friends can help you with your job search, not to find potential employers. Utilize both weak ties and strong ties on Facebook.

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Keep your Facebook settings as private as possible . Make sure only friends can see your content. If you are serious about finding a job, delete any inappropriate content (pictures, statuses, etc.) even if your Facebook is private. Check your Facebook privacy settings at least once a month , because the privacy policies change often.

Other important tips to remember::

Other important tips to remember: G o o g l e yourself! Know what employers will find if they search for you. When you send a resume to employers, be sure that it is a PDF file . Have the URL to your LinkedIn on your resume.