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Teachers in Action Ms. Grinnell’s Manatees:

Teachers in Action Ms. Grinnell’s Manatees Katie Jones / [email protected] / April 6, 2017 / EEX4070

Triangle Elementary :

Triangle Elementary Triangle Elementary is located in the small town of Mt. Dora, Florida with approximately 700 students enrolled. Their vision in partnership with families and community, will provide relevant educational opportunities and maintain high academic expectations for a diverse community of learners. Their mission is to “empower students to achieve, excel, and celebrate life-long learning. Triangle Elementary currently has 13% (approximately 92 students) enrolled in their Students with Disabilities Educational Program.

Service learning :

Service learning I completed my service learning hours in Ms. Grinnell’s ESE classroom. Grades: second through fifth Time: 2-9-2017 - 4-6-2017 / Thursday’s / 9:30am to 12:30pm / 20+ hours I worked directly with children with autism ranging from second grade to fifth grade Activities consisted of: working directly with the students during centers and teacher time, setting and cleaning up snack time, reading, checking assignments, assisting teacher when needed, giving breaks, helping with art activities, box work, and dancing with students.


Ms. Grinnell’s Manatees Ms. Grinnell is Triangle Elementary’s ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Teacher H as 7 students in her classroom 1 girl / 6 boys (second through fifth) 2 teacher’s assistants Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability; signs typically appear during early childhood and affect a person’s ability to communicate, and interact with others.

Butterfly garden :

Butterfly garden This is Ms. Grinnell’s Butterfly Sensory Garden. The student’s can use 4 of their 5 senses (see, hear, touch, smell) while exploring the garden. We would visit the garden for brain breaks.


SERVICE IN ACTION This is an example of the schedule that Ms. Grinnell would follow. To the right are names assigned to a rotation. She also used timers to keep the students on task, plus they loved racing the sand.

Service In Action :

Service In Action This is Ms. Grinnell’s classroom

Perceptions of differences:

Perceptions of differences Because I had worked at UCP prior to completing my service learning hours with Ms. Grinnell, I was excited to work with exceptional students again. My first experience working with children with disabilities, I was nervous because I did not know what to expect and I am an extremely sensitive person. Now having worked with exceptional students before, I was ready to jump right in and learn more about the students I would be completing my hours with. I adored my time with Ms. Grinnell and her student’s! They welcomed me as if I was part of their classroom and it made working one on one with each student very enjoyable. There is not a one size fits all behavior with autism, so there were moments that gave me a new found respect for any educator that works directly with children with autism. Ms. Grinnell breaks the mold in my eyes, because of her patience, love, and passion she has towards her students.

Connections :

Connections For this Teachers In Action project, I am enrolled in: EEX4070 – Teaching Exceptional Students One course topic I understand better is the IEP (Individualized Education Program). Ms. Grinnell allowed me to sit with her when she was working with students on their IEP. I witnessed reading and math. Another topic I gained a better understanding of is communicative intent . A student I worked with struggled to find his words or used a “robotic” sound when communicating. Lastly, I learned one of the students I worked with displayed stereotyped motor or verbal behaviors. If there was something he wanted to do, he would repeat himself multiple times and become anxious or angry if we did not participate in his idea.

Connections :

Connections There are so many things that I took from this experience that I will be taking with me into my classroom. Ms. Grinnell’s use of a written schedule, her timers, her sensory centers, the use of music and dance, center rotations, and the many accommodations she used throughout her lessons and activities.

Reflection :

Reflection Having the opportunity to work with exceptional students through a service learning project, helps me to gain the experience I need so that I can provide my students with a caring and welcoming environment. I want each of my students to have the same opportunity to reach their best potential in a fun, engaging, and loving classroom. It helped me discover that not every strategy will work with every student and that as educators we need to be flexible with our schedules. And though we need to have a plan of action for each day, sometimes we need to listen to our students cues and follow their lead. Always recognize a persons abilities and never their disabilities.

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