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focustrackingsystem offers innovative and superior vehicle tracking devices for safety and tracking the vehicle.Global Positioning Systems are capable of tracking any vehicle in any area and any where worldwide.


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GPS and GPRS SERVICES in Focus Tracking System GENERAL PACKET RADIO SERVICES A new Technology named “General Packet Radio Services GPRS” in this application. We are transferring data using GPRS Services to and from the Base Station and the Remote Station. GPRS IN VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM The Vehicle Tracking System allows a user to monitor the positions of multiple vehicles and disable them remotely in case of theft. In this project our first completed task was the Map Digitization GIS and GPS Solution. GIS and GPS technology were linked with means of wireless communication essential to the system determining the vehicle location. It is necessary to have a technique to handle the huge amount of spatial data entailed in a digital road map in order to trace the accurate position within a reasonable time. Our main focus was on the practical design device Integration and implementation. Many GPS and GSM technology models have been developed to trace mobility of an object such as vehicle person or anything physically detectable. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM USING GPS Designing a vehicle tracking system which can work effective accurate and reliable is emerging in many areas. Such system is commonly used GPS technology to determine location of the vehicle. High required operating cost of the vehicle tracking systems including hardware and software requirements usually prevent these systems from being widespread applicable. To achieve automatic Vehicle Location system that can transmit the location information in real time. Passive systems were developed in the beginning to fulfill these requirements. For the applications which require real time location information of the vehicle these systems cant be employed because they save the location information in the internal storage and location information can only be accessed when vehicle is available. It can be used to track a vehicle or fleet of vehicles and get information related to current location of the vehicles. Active systems are developed. Real time vehicular tracking system incorporates a hardware device installed in the vehicle In-Vehicle Unit and a remote Tracking server. The information is transmitted to Tracking server using GSM/GPRS modem on GSM network by using SMS or using direct TCP/IP connection with Tracking server through GPRS. Tracking server also has

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GSM/GPRS modem that receives vehicle location information via GSM network and stores this information in database GPS AND GPS BENEFITS A GPS GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM vehicle tracking system is a device mainly carried for tracking a person and vehicle like motorbike car and trucks. The location of data will be stored in the tracking unit devices. GPS for keep tracking the vehicle. In focus tracking system we are offering types of tracking for two wheeler trackers like motorbike four wheeler tracking like car and trucks and finally personal trackers. Everything is carried based on GSM/GPRS network. Focus tracking system  Focus tracking system using latest GPS technology for identifying the location of people or vehicle.  Focus tracking system helps business expansion high productivity.  Focus tracking system gives 247 Customer care service and 100 replacement for one year.  Focus tracking system provides live demo for getting clear information regarding this GPS tracker.  Data backup’s also available history. MODULE Focus tracking system 2111-02B – MOTORBIKE Focus tracking system 2111-02A - CARS TRUCKS Focus tracking system 2111-03D - AVAILABLE WITH SOS BUTTON MIKE Focus tracking system 7100/TRUCKS Focus tracking system 5210/ASSETS Focus tracking system 2001/PERSONAL. FOCUSTRACKINGSYSTEM FTS SERVICES

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Focus tracking system is a leading GPS tracking device. A GPS tracker contains GPS module to receive the GPS signal. there are so many tracking device models like FTS 2111-02B for bike FTS 2111-02A for cars and trucks FTS 2111-03D are available with SOS button mike with external antenna for signal purpose mainly for trucks which travels in remote area FTS 7100/TRUCKS and FTS 5210/ASSETS and FTS 2001/PERSONAL. Focus tracking system is mainly used for monitoring and tracking the vehicles. Types of vehicles for tracking devices there are  Truck tracker  two wheeler tracker  Four wheeler tracker  Personal tracker. Focus tracking system provides a device which is used to tracking the moving vehicle and person etc. GPS Tracking System Focus Tracking System is a leading GPS trackers provides for all kind of vehicles personal. Focus Tracking System Head office is located at Coimbatore and it also has branch office at all over Tamilnadu our lead branch offices are also in ChennaiVillupuram Namakkal Karur Salem and Trichy. We are a one stop shop for both web tracking applications and its hardware. Our advanced service gives an edge in world transport commuter management systems. Our GPS based vehicle tracking devices are commonly used to track the vehicle location with our web based tracking application. GPS trackers are the best solutions for fleet operators to operate their vehicle functions. GPS bike trackers are used to prevent from theft activities. You can always keep your vehicles on your finger tips with our GPS four wheeler trackers GPS two wheeler trackers. GPS TRACKING SYSTEM IS WORKING A GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM tracking is a method of working out where the vehicle is exactly. For example: If GPS tracking system can be used by a company to monitor the movements of a vehicle route and there exact location of vehicles fuel consumption and also a person. If we are transferring highly- value –assets that also can be monitor by the GPS tracking system. Through GPS tracking system the device will give information about the location speed of vehicle time and direction of the routes. A GPS provides a satellite signals which are processed by a receivers this GPS receive as not only working for exact locations it can also compute velocity and time.

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Our More details: FOCUS TRACKING SYSTEM Office No. 6-A 2nd Floor Surya Garden E Rd Bharathi Colony Peelamedu Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India 641004 Mob No. : +91-97511-88400 Office No. : +91-422-4270200 Website : Email :