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3 Key Points to Consider while Designing for Android vs. iOS

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App designing for new UI designers could be very overwhelming as the world of OS technology is ever-changing. Zeroing on to the two most favorite – android and iOS the challenge is no lesser for a newbie. Here are certain tips to remember while creating your own niche as a designer:

1. Understanding the main differences between the two platforms:

1.   Understanding the main differences between the two platforms Device manufacturer – Single vs. Multiple Apple being the sole manufacturer of iOS which is only installed in  iPhone   and iPad   has complete control on it hence offering more security and privacy to users and at the same time prohibits other users to innovate on their platform. Android on the other hand has multiple manufacturers’ access who can innovate on it to create better user experience which suits their needs and pockets.

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Buttons Navigation buttons are quite different in devices of both the OS hence which is very crucial for you as an app designer. Depending on the presence or absence of physical back button designer must decide on the app interface. Interface As the OS have different UI patterns you must remember to adhere to their standards while creating your own unique app

2. Assessing the popularity of both the OS:

2 .  Assessing the popularity of both the OS Now which one is your personal favorite? Sorry, that doesn’t count! End of the day it's about finding out whose slice is bigger worldwide. According to IDC shipment stats for  Q2 2015 iOS accounts  for  13.9%  of worldwide market share while Android enjoys 6 times the larger slice of the pie with  82.8%.  However, figures from Device Atlas based on device usage and not shipments present a slightly different scenario.  Even though, Android is largely popular all around the globe in terms of web browsing iOS is dominating in the developed nations like US, UK, Canada, Japan etc. Therefore, a designer must become well versed with the specs and quirks of both the platforms.

3. Creating separate versions of your app:

3.   Creating separate versions of your app The prime challenge faced by new designers is to manage similarity in design and functionality of an app and its execution in two different platforms. As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’, you are therefore recommended to consult the iOS Human Interface Guidelines or Android Material’s Design Specs to get a better understanding of the UI elements and interactions such as switches, lists, cards, alerts, icons, buttons, etc. of each OS . Now designing an app with similar user experience yet with different technical specs could be quite intimidating. When designing basic apps frameworks like PhoneGap  could be your panacea as it allows you to code a single version, but compile it to either OS. However, if you want to localize your apps then you would need to create separate version for each platform . To design top seeking apps you need to keep yourself updated with the new technology and the markets stats as well to create an app with unique user experience. Originally published on -

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