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Carrying a perfect combination of shirt and tie is an art, which is known to very few. While some know how to perfectly pull off a shirt and tie together, while others just stand in front of their closet, close their eyes and pick out what their fingers point at. These poor chaps are devoid of the proper understanding and appropriate choices. Out of various shirts and mens necktie online, it is tough to choose the best combo among them. In order to provide a helping hand to such individuals, below is a helping guide for the same:


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Kash Mate PRESENTS THE ULTIMATE CHEAT GUIDE TO MATCHING Shirts and Ties Matching solid colors is easy, but combining patterns is the way to go if you want to add some character to your outfit. There's no right or wrong, just stay away from looking like an optical illusion by following these basic rules.

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FIRST RULE OF THUMB A fail proof rule is to start with your shirt. Establish the primary color of your shirt, and then choose a tie with a similar color anywhere is its patterns.

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SAFE COMBINATIONS TIP: Your tie should always be darker than you shirt.

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SECOND RULE OF THUMB Your collar and tie should be in proportion with each other. Also remember to pair large patterns with smaller ones, you want your patterns to visually complement each other.

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RISKY COMBINATIONS TIP: Avoid mixing patterns that have identical proportion.

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PRO TIPS DIMPLE The dimple is a little hallow right below the knot. It's planned imperfection, a sartorial detail that will make you stand out. PROPORTIONS The size of your collar should complement the width of your tie, and the width of your tie should match the width of your lapel. LENGTH Your tie should reach the Belt buckle or the waistband of the pants. It's an old fail proof rule. Remember it!

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ADD SOME FUN! It's not all about the rules, have fun with some cool graphics! The goal is to give you a sharper and dapper look.

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