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Use these simple microwave hacks to zip and zap through the dullest day-to-day tasks.


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Cooking and Baking Made Easy

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Stop at half way point to stir. Beat eggs with a dash of milk and cheese in a coffee mug, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Slice potato 1/8-inch-thick. Arrange in a single layer on a plate. Decrease power level and flip potatoes after each 3 minute burst: cook until crispy.

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Place 1 heard of garlic on microwave-safe plate. Cloves will slide out of skin. Layer washed, dried, de-stemmed herbs on a paper plate or towel. Flip the leaves every 30 seconds. Takes 2-4 minutes depending on herb.

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Place in microwave: Skin should be warm to the touch after heating. Trim off the ends of onions. Microwave, remove, and chop.

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Place a dampened paper towel in the box and close tightly. Microwave box. Microwave, let stand for 2 minutes. When done, peel will slip off.

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If a recipe calls for soaking/lentils overnight but you forgot, place/lentils in a bowl with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda; submerge with water. Let stand for 30-40 minutes. Wrap bread in damp kitchen towel. Microwave. Repeat until moist.

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Squeeze and dunk 2 lemon halves into a bowl of water. Microwave: remove bowl when done and immediately wipe down microwave sides.

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Place a couple drops of water on stamp; microwave Remove stamp from envelop.

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Fill a microwave-safe mug with cold water. Place mug in the container you want to test. It the water is hot and the testing container is cold, it is safe. If the container is hot, it is not safe.

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Place 400g soil on a flat dish; microwave 1 minute 30 seconds or until steaming.

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Soak in water, wring, and place in microwave. Kills 99% of bacteria.

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Rub board with cut side of lemon; microwave.

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Use these simple microwave hacks to zip and zap through the dullest day-to-day tasks. Shed away your pain for nicely cooked food. Get a microwave and enjoy cooking & eating.

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