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Category Management : 

Category Management By – Gariema Aggarwal

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What is Category Management? It is the process by which a company manages a set of categories as independent and strategic business units with focused attention to deliver enhanced customer value. Every category is seen as a separate profit centre unit. All activities from planning the buying quantity to liquidation of stock from the store to vendor payments are the prime responsibility of the management team of each category. It includes both buying and merchandising functions, a lot of liasioning between all support depts : marketing, VM, MIS, supply chain, IT, operations etc –and much more!

Must Know Terms : 

Must Know Terms Value Basket Size EDLP Shop-in-shop Exclusivity Differentiation Assortment Positioning Private Label SWOT Analysis POP / POS

What do Cat Mans do? : 

What do Cat Mans do? Understand the retail brand, its positioning and expectations. Understand the POS & other data, shoppers’ behavior and link them to the retail brand. Find the areas of strength and gaps in the concerned category. Become outstanding in strong areas and identify opportunities in gap areas. Make implementable strategies and define the results in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Build effective commercial relationships (suppliers) to achieve results. Liaise between different departments and be a solution provider.

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Understand the competitors’ strategies & tactics to counter potential threats. Implement-measure-review; Create sustainable profitable change in the respective category.

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Profit Increase in sales, Reduction in costs Loyalty, Efficiency etc. Retailer’s Expectations from a Cat Man

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Price & Product advertising is necessary to build traffic in short-term But It is essential to reinforce positioning statement continually

Exercise – Associations that come to mind for these retail brands : 

Exercise – Associations that come to mind for these retail brands Walmart Big Bazaar Spencer’s Lifestyle Nike Mc Donalds

Consumer & Shopper Drivers : 

Consumer & Shopper Drivers Consumer Who consumes / uses the category? Consumer usage (qty) in each sub-cat Factors affecting change in near future Shopper Reasons that different shoppers are motivated to purchase Drivers to store Drivers to category How the shopper makes the purchase decision Purchase experience

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Understanding the products in your category Width – Depth trade off between the core / basic merchandise & seasonal collections. What is core merchandise? Bread & butter for the store, contributes 50% or more to the sales. Is repeatedly required or required by majority of the customer base. What is Fashion / Season merchandise? Fads & Trendy collections Lead to freshness in the store Add high % margin because of the fashion element Mostly go on sale post season end Basic stock needs more depth & less width; Seasonal collections need less depth & more width. Basic styles should always have a Base Stock in order to avoid stock outs in the store. The Base Stock depends on the lead time, consumer demand etc & should be revised periodically.

Examples - Understanding reports : Strengths & Gaps : 

Examples - Understanding reports : Strengths & Gaps

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