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Presentation given as part of the Web Search Academy, pre conference workshop Internet Librarian International, 26th October 2011


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Web Search Academy Internet Librarian International 26th October 2011 Visual search:

Web Search Academy Internet Librarian International 26th October 2011 Visual search Karen Blakeman Twitter: @ karenblakeman [email protected] 18/11/2013 1


Copyright Always, always check and double check the copyright - images may have a digital watermark and be tracked e.g. Digimarc Creative Commons does not mean you can do what you like with an image six licences “Open-licencing your images. What it means and how to do it.” Andy Mabbett aka pigsonthewing Karen Blakeman's Blog “Free-to-use images might not be” Always credit the photographer – you cite references why not the ‘author’ of a photograph? 18/11/2013 2


Copyright giving credit… | pia jane bijkerk : 18/11/2013 3

Checking EXIF, watermarks and copyright:

Checking EXIF, watermarks and copyright Jeffrey's Exif viewer Digimarc Reader for Images – Safest approach - ask the owner of the page or web site “I found it on the web so there’s no copyright” is the wrong answer! Using an image in a paper, presentation or commercially? Make sure you document location of the image you use, and keep copies of any copyright correspondence Similar image options and web sites such as can help locate alternatives and origins of an image 18/11/2013 4

Developments in image search:

Developments in image search Colour selection single colours, multiple colours, “Similar” images Facial recognition identification of head and shoulders photos, face detection full facial recognition “Key Russian social network adds facial recognition to photos” “Google Not Planning To Release Mobile Face Recognition : Update” 18/11/2013 5

Google images:

Google images Make use of search options in the side bar or on the advanced search screen 18/11/2013 6

Google Images:

Google Images 18/11/2013 7 “More sizes” “Similar images”

Google Images – use an existing image:

Google Images – use an existing image 18/11/2013 8 Click on the camera icon in the search box and then either enter the URL of an image or upload it. On the results page you can add keywords to refine the search

Google Images – Sites with images:

Google Images – Sites with images 18/11/2013 9 Useful if you want to describe the image in detail, for example moth UK black cream spots

Google images - creative commons, public domain:

Google images - creative commons, public domain Google advanced image search - use the usage rights, but always double check the licence on the web site Public domain carry out your search in the image search bar and when the results appear on screen add & as_rights = cc_publicdomain to the end of the string in the URL/address bar of your browser but public domain may refer to another photo – cheque the web site hosting the photo 18/11/2013 10 18/11/2013 11


Panoramio Layer on Google Earth and maps (now owned by Google) Various licences assigned by the photographers 18/11/2013 12


Bing 18/11/2013 13


Bing 18/11/2013 14 Options in the left hand sidebar similar to Google “More sizes” but no “similar” option

Bing – Visual Search:

Bing – Visual Search 18/11/2013 15 Not available in all country versions – content varies

Bing – Visual Search:

Bing – Visual Search 18/11/2013 16 Check accuracy of associated information - may be out of date


Flickr Flickr Creative Commons or advanced search screen Use Advanced Search for date options 18/11/2013 17

Compfight – :

Compfight – Search interface for Flickr Can select Creative Commons or photos that can be used commercially 18/11/2013 18

Images - other sources for Creative Commons and public domain images :

Images - other sources for Creative Commons and public domain images Idee Inc Multicolr Search Lab Wikimedia Commons check the licence information towards the bottom of the page e.g. - public domain Geograph Creative Commons 2.0 Most of the images on US government web sites are public domain (but do check) NASA - public domain 18 November 2013 Karen Blakeman 19

Multicolr Search Lab :

Multicolr Search Lab Search for up to 5 colours – can adjust proportions of colour No key word searching of content Flickr creative commons images – clicking on an image takes you to its Flickr page 18 November 2013 Karen Blakeman 20 UK and Ireland photos of landmarks and buildings for every Ordnance Survey grid Creative Commons 2.0 18/11/2013 21


Video YouTube,, iTunes, iTunes U Blinkx - good for catching up with news Zuula - click on the video tab Browsys Finder click on the video tab BBC Motion Gallery - BBC Archive NewsFilm Online 18 November 2013 Karen Blakeman 22

Google Videos:

Google Videos NOT the same as YouTube 18/11/2013 23

Bing Videos:

Bing Videos 18/11/2013 24

Mashups and visualizations:

Mashups and visualizations Visualizations of data becoming common availability of Open Data and visualization tools Data journalism and data visualization | News | The Guardian Flickr: Guardian Datastore[email protected]/ Need to know source(s) of data coverage and scope can one access the raw data? what has been down to create the visualization - filters used, subsets, exclusions etc 18/11/2013 25 : 18/11/2013 26 Check the descriptions with the Flickr image for information (if any) on data sources used

Mashups e.g. Roadworks Info:

Mashups e.g. Roadworks Info Obvious gaps in coverage - also mentioned in service coverage 18/11/2013 27

Visualisation of results and content:

Visualisation of results and content Silobreaker look at the network on right hand side of the screen Move slider bar to change emphasis – people, companies Microsoft Academic graphs, mindmaps, network maps never mind the poor quality of the data and poor coverage just admire the pretty pictures! Cluuz powered by Yahoo! 18/11/2013 28


Quintura 18/11/2013 29


Cluuz 18/11/2013 30

PowerPoint Presentation:

18/11/2013 31 When are road works not road works? When they are classified as Network Rail bridge works! CC 3.0 Attribution Non-commercial