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The word ‘RurBan’ is the amalgam of words ‘RURal’ and ‘urBAN’ reminding us that no matter how urbanized we may become, we sprout from roots deep-seated in the core of Rural India.


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The word ‘RurBan’ is the amalgam of ‘RURal’ and ‘urBAN’ reminding us that no matter how urbanized we may become we sprout from roots deep seated in the core of Rural India. not only make you feel closer to the nature but also leave you revitalized and rejuvenated. At The RurBan Village we have attempted to recreate the simplistic life of Indian villages by involving the local community and artisans to ensure an authentic rural experience for you. If you wish to experience such simplicity of rural India its culture and traditions then embark on the journey with us at The RurBan Village which will help you catch a glimpse of the rural rustic life. NAME SIGNIFICANCE THE CONCEPT O u r S T O R Y Based on the concept of rural amidst urban ‘The RurBan Village’ will

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ECOSYSTEM SUSTAINABILITY AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE Working on the belief that we do not inherit Mother Earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our children we have created The RurBan Village to be eco-sustainable making The RurBan Village an independent and a self-sustainable unit with minimum outside inuence or assistance. We use solar energy to generate electricity and biogas for cooking breed animals and birds in a safe and a natural environment use drip irrigation promote reforestation We have already planted over 58000 trees and much more. We enthusiastically promote and share these techniques with our visitors. Let us now tread upon the journey experiencing the rural entertainment sports and cultural activities and also learn modern techniques of agriculture forestation bio- compost in turn helping promote and maintain the spirit of Rural India.

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THINGS TO DO AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE ACTIVITIES AND TRAINING RURAL ACTIVITIES Meet the villagers enjoying their daily life showcasing their skill and art as they welcome you with open arms to witness the same. • Pottery • Charkha • Biscope • Atta Chakki • Doodh Bilona • Lattu • Bhool Bhulaiya

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Gilli Danda Kite Flying Kanche Goli Gitthu /Stapu Matki Phod Sack Race Kho Kho Rassa Kassi Kabbadi Carrom Ludo Saap Sedi Archery Gulel AirGun RURAL SPORTS Come and join us in a walk on the rough trails of Indian villages down the memory lane leaving you nostalgic about your childhood when open playgrounds meant bruised knees. THINGS TO DO AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE

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THINGS TO DO AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE ANIMAL FEEDING Joy of feeding an animal is something impossible to describe in words. One must experience it to realize the joy of it. No they don’t bite but they do like to cuddle In fact it has been said that feeding animals may bring good luck lets find out • Rabbit Feeding • Bird Feeding • Duck Feeding • Fish Feeding • Cow Feeding

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THINGS TO DO AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE ROPE COURSE Sixteen Elements Ever wondered what good use could a rope be put to Our answer was pretty short too until we decided to be a little more creative. • Zig Zag Walk • Swing • Net Walk • Tripleage Bridge • Ladder Walk • Long Bridge • Step Bridge • Woodside Walk • Ladder Swing • Wood Walk • X Bridge Walk • Tyre Travel • Side Net Walk

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WATER ACTIVITIES Sitting in front of the Air Conditioners to beat the heat is too mainstream. We have endeavoured to provide something “hat-ke”. Relax and rejuvenate in these mind calming activities that help cool down inside out.  Mud Bath  Tubewell Bath  Rain Shower  Duck Lake with Rahet  Lotus Pond  River Crossing THINGS TO DO AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE

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SAVE NATURE INITIATIVE We have committed ourselves to save and preserve environment and nature. It might be an insignificant initiative if we are the only ones associated with it we therefore take pleasure in inviting you to witness get inspired and share your ideas with us to make this small initiative leave a ripple for its cause. Solar Light Gowshala Bio Gas Vermi Compost Organic Farming Drip Irrigation Boonga

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URBAN SPORTS A few of the favourite urban sports also have a special place at The RurBan Village.  Cricket  Basketball  Volleyball  Football  Badminton  Dart  Ring Throw THINGS TO DO AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE

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Zip Line Wall Climbing Tyre Climbing Body Zorbing All Terrain Vehicle ATV Paddle Boat URBAN ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES These exhilarating adventure activities await to cater to the adrenaline junkies and keep the heart beat racing. THINGS TO DO AT THE RURBAN VILLAGE At Additional Charges

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ACCOMMODATION The RurBan Village offers spacious air-conditioned Swiss T ent Houses and Eco Mud Cottages to make your stay luxurious and even more memorable. Our accommodation allows you to slip into a comfortable cloud like bedding and wake up to the sound of chirping birds welcoming you to begin a new day.

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ECO MUD COTTAGES Our Eco Mud Cottages built ground up with earthy elements: stone straw sand and other things covered up top with thatched roof which acts as a natural insulator keeps the interiors cool on a hot day and warm on a chilly winter night. SWISS TENT HOUSES Our tents are pitched using high quality canvas and interiors are designed ethnically to give the occupant the perfect experience of living the nomad life at luxury. The tents are structured in 3 tiers with a personal lawn on the first level patio on the second and finally the tent on the third tier. ACCOMMODATION AMENITIES AVAILABLE INCLUDES: Upto 648 sq ft of personal adobe with Upto 180 sq. ft. of personal lawn Air Conditioner LED TV Ethnic Indian interior Electronic locker on demand Buffet breakfast Buffet lunch and dinner Private Patio/veranda Modern bathroom Personal Music library to choose from Open to sky jacuzzi

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RASOI ANGEETHI KI AANCH SE Just like the fresh fragrance of soil after a downpour food from our kitchen prepared with love and handpicked ingredients is sure to leave you refreshed for a fun filled expedition at The RurBan Village. We strive to minimize external intervention in the process of cooking by utilizing either home grown or carefully picked fruits and vegetables as ingredients for dishes we serve. The organic waste generated during the day is fed into a bio gas plant which powers our ethnic chulhas to pipe out hot dishes.

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ANGEETHI KI AANCH SE BREAKFAST : T ea mix pakoda Bajra/makka roti served with aloo sabzi/Stuff parantha with curd/Puri-Aloo/Matra kulcha LUNCH :Paneer Sabzi Dal Chole/Rajma/Kadi Roti ki T okri Rice Raita Chutney Salad Papad Achaar SWEETS : Gulab Jamun/Ice Cream/Kulfi/Shahi T ukda DRINKS : Water Shikanji Menu may vary as per chefs selection RASOI

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See you at The RurBan Village We will be waiting for you with our hands folded in a Namastey to welcome you at The RurBan Village hoping and wishing you for a fun filled and memorable day excursion and stay at The RurBan Village. The RurBan Village 36 K.M. from Akshardham N.H. 58 Delhi Meerut Road 3 K.M. from Chota Haridwar Upper Ganga Canal Road Gangnahar Village Badka Arifpur Muradnagar Ghaziabad U.P . - 201 206 therurbanvillage therurbanvillage rurbanvillage +01141324180 +91 7457 000 870 + 91 7457 000 856 | | Type your text