the balance of powers/separation of powers

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The Balance of Powers Checks and Balances : 

The Balance of Powers Checks and Balances Lesson

The President (Executive Branch) : 

The President (Executive Branch) Makes treaties with other nations Carries out laws Vetoes bills Congress passes if he thinks they are wrong Appoints judges in the Judicial Branch for a life term Writes the budget

Congress (Legislative Branch) : 

Congress (Legislative Branch) Makes laws Can override a President's veto of a bill by 2/3 vote Can impeach (fire) a President for misconduct Must approve presidential appointments for judges and justices Gives the O.K. on budget spending and treaties Can remove judges from office for misconduct

Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) : 

Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) Interprets laws May decide that some laws that Congress makes or decisions that the President make are not right according to the Constitution.

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