Crucial Travel Documents for International Travellers


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Important travel documents that you should not miss


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Crucial Travel Documents for International Travellers :

Crucial Travel Documents for International Travellers


Passport Having it will allow you to move freely outside your home country. Passports are of several types including tourist passports and official passports. One has to apply to the passport issuing authority of his home country to get a passport.


Visa In some countries, a visa is required along with the passport for entry. There are generally two ways which are used for granting visas. One is the regular visa where a prior application is required at the country’s embassy before the traveller leaves his place. Another type is on-arrival visa, where the passenger is given visa at the arrival spot.

Travel Itinerary:

Travel Itinerary H aving an itinerary always helps in visiting places in your destination country . You can prepare one by searching for places that sound good to your senses or get one from your travel agent.

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance A short-term insurance that travellers get to receive help during travel-related emergencies. Also , it covers  medical insurance  i.e. insurance of health related problems as well. However, the type of items covered under a particular insurance depends solely upon its source.  

Identity Proof:

Identity Proof It can be your Driving License, Election photo identification card, Photo credit card, birth certificate, identity card issued by your employer, etc.

Accommodation Confirmation Receipt:

Accommodation Confirmation Receipt Whether you’ve booked yourself a hotel room or a house rental, it is wise enough to get the confirmation slip printed and keep one copy along with other documents.

Health Certificate:

Health Certificate Several nationalities require you to carry your vaccination certificates to prove that you are healthy and vaccinated.

Credit/Debit Cards:

Credit/Debit Cards Since you are in a foreign land, it is advisable to keep international credit/debit cards besides some cash. It will make transactions easier for you in case there is a shortage of cash when you purchase something.


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