How to Make My Laptop Faster- 8 Tips


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Laptop speed optimization tips


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How to Make My Laptop Faster- 8 Tips on Improving Internal Speed :

How to Make My Laptop Faster- 8 Tips on Improving Internal Speed

Uninstall Non-Useful Programs :

Uninstall Non-Useful Programs There are several non-useful programs which you are not using and are a major reason for the slow speed of your PC. It’s time to simply uninstall them.

Shift Unimportant Files :

Shift Unimportant Files Unimportant files should be shifted to a hard drive as these are generally large in size which means they occupy more space on your computer memory and slow down its processing speed.

Use a PC Optimizer :

Use a PC Optimizer From deleting junk files, links and errors to reducing the number of fragments by clubbing it systematically, a  PC optimizer  improves the system performance in several ways. It also scans, manages and removes duplicate files on your PC with a high accuracy.

Set a Static IP :

Set a Static IP Every time you start your computer or laptop, it spends a lot of resources on looking for IP address from the network, which could be a major reason for its slow performance. To cut off this spending, Go to “Network and Sharing Center” and set your static IP .  

Upgrade to Chrome :

Upgrade to Chrome Many internet users still browse using Internet Explorer, but there are better options available on the web. You can use Google Chrome which works faster and has fewer errors as compared to IE.

Scan for Malware :

Scan for Malware Install a  reliable security antivirus  and run a scan to detect malware threats. Be aware that an efficient antivirus never slows down your system.

Keep it Clean :

Keep it Clean Excessive dust can impede airflow within your computer system which ultimately slows down its working speed. So it is crucial to keep a check on the cleanliness of your computer hardware.

Optimize the Startup :

Optimize the Startup It is always better to minimize the number of programs at the time of startup. This is because all these programs are launched and keep on running, thus eating up your system’s memory and resources.

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