Device Security – Tips to Keep Your New

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Device Security – Tips to Keep Your New Laptop and Mobile Secured :

Device Security – Tips to Keep Your New Laptop and Mobile Secured

Install Antivirus Software:

Install Antivirus Software A reliable antivirus program is a must to have on your computer. This is because connecting to the internet or inserting a USB exposes your system to vulnerabilities which can make someone easily break into your system. So the primary thing you should do is to have the  best virus protection .

Keep it Updated:

Keep it Updated Installing software updates is an important part of your computer’s security. Out-dated software versions are more vulnerable to malware attacks and can put your private space into danger. Set your device on automatic updates so that security patches are installed time to time.

Password Protect it:

Password Protect it Your device is not going to be always with you. You might access it at home after coming back from work, or lost it somewhere. In such situations, an unauthorized individual can access your computer and mobile, steal your data, make alterations, etc. Therefore, it is always preferable to put a password on your device so that it is not misused.

Take Backup of Your Old Data:

Take Backup of Your Old Data When shifting data from your old device to the new one, it is crucial to keep a backup. This is advantageous in case your old device gets crashed during data syncing. You can use a hard drive to keep your files and folders backed up.