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What is Blue Prism

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What is Blue Prism Founded in 2001 a Blue prism  RPA software which is very easy to maintain and reduces human error in manual tasks to a great extent. It is an advanced technology that could be utilized to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. It is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation RPA tool which is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Today many small and large businesses use RPA software to improve productivity and reduce human error. Blue Prism is the best in every aspect of the automation tool. It provides high-quality data to identify customer behavior real-time analytics and change of each action that would be handled by robotics. The hidden benefit of software robots: scalability

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"A telecommunications company has replaced 45 offshore employees at a total cost of 1.35 million a year with ten Blue Prism software robots at a cost of 100000.The telecom company then spent 1 25 million in savings to hire 12 new people to do more innovative work at the local headquarters. " Rise of software machines

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The third industrial revolution fueled by software robots "We are on the brink of the third industrial revolution with robots leaving the factory and emerging in white- collar offices." In 2017 Blue Prism won the UK Tech Award and was named one of the 50 most intelligent companies in the MIT Tech Review.

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Every day billions of transactions and hundreds of millions of hours of work are executed on Blue Prism robots by renowned companies around the world in different sectors such as financial services energy telecommunications insurance logisticAccording to the survey by Knowledge Capital Partners Blue Prism has been the worlds most successful digital workforce to improve business efficiency.

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By providing tools for business analysts the product can also help people who are not technology specialists to create and modify automated processes. And by exposing application user interfaces through reusable services this can help these applications integrate into modern service-oriented environments. This article describes Blue Prism explain how the technology works and how it tries to achieve these goals.

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