RF Connectors,Audio Video Connectors


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Find here the listings of connectors manufacturers and exporters from India.The connectors manufacturing companies offering are excellent in quality.


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1 Different Types Connectors

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2 Twin lead Vinyl Cover Copper Conductor • Spade Connector• Low Capacity - 6 Channels• Separate signals - Video and Audio Spade Connector Mono AUDIO VIDEO

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3 Coaxial Cable • Characteristics•High Capacity - 100 + channels•Carries Video and Audio signal together This cable is used to send the WIRO signal to all the Iroquois classrooms.

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4 Coaxial Cable - Connectors F -Coupler• Connects two coaxial plug ends BNC• Used to adapt composite and coaxial• Locking mechanism F -Connector• Standard in Cable Industry

RCA Cable : 

5 RCA Cable • Wire carries only one signal Video, Audio Left or Audio Right Higher quality picture and audio than coaxial cables White Yellow Red

S-Video S-Connector’s : 

6 S-Video S-Connector’s

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7 S-Cable

Audio Connectors : 

8 Audio Connectors 1/4” and 1/8” Plug• Provides either Mono or Stereo sound • Use for: headphones 1/8” Plug 1/4” Plug

Audio Connectors (Stereo vs. Mono) : 

9 Audio Connectors (Stereo vs. Mono) Two rings = Stereo two speakers One ring = Mono one speaker

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10 You have seen how connectors are work and you seen its internal Functionalty,how when we connect any device cables and equipment With each others,then how it will work exactlly .If you want to more About of manufacturers and exporters of different types of connectors Like bnc connectors,rf connectors and audio video connectors then You can contact with trade india and log on to: http://www.tradeindia.com/manufacturers/audio-video-connector.html http://www.tradeindia.com/manufacturers/rf-connectors.html