10 SEO Trends in the year 2019

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If you want to dominate the search engine in the year 2019 then you should know and learn the latest SEO Trends in the year 2019.


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SEO Trends which are Dominating the Industry in the Year 2019:

SEO Trends which are Dominating the Industry in the Year 2019

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As Google changes throughout the entire year, due to this, there is a need for constant improvement in Search Engine Optimization. Website admins who need to keep their rankings and traffic (and possibly increase considerably more) are constantly looking for new approaches so that they can beat their rivals, due to this reason they set the new  SEO trends  in the market. Here we are trying to define the latest  SEO Trends  which are followed in the market with the help of blog and infographic . 1 . Domination of Voice Search We start our list latest trends with this innovative technology which is observed by everyone. As we know, nowadays internet users tend to use Mobile devices as compared to desktop, laptop devices. As much user tends to Mobile, we get rid of orthodox typing approach and tends to learn use Voice Search. Now the future is about to teach computers so that they can understand our speech and its path is gown through Voice Search SEO. It is being said that by 2020half queries which are coming to the search engine will be through Voice medium. I am only able to imagine what kind of technology replace Voice Searching. Can you also imagine ?

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2.  Video file optimization If you are thinking that only Voice Searching trend taking over the internet then you are wrong, videos also play a vital role in it. Video is the popular medium of information which can give you a large number of traffic if you are using them wisely. If you are looking to rank your videos on YouTube then they must be exceptional. You will not be able to rank your videos if they are not optimized for your picked keywords. There is a prediction that Video Content attracts almost 75% of all internet user until 2020. Now the choice is yours either adapt according to time or get crushed by your competitors . 3. Mobile-first indexing Google rolled its mobile-first index in the year 2018. Let us understand how does it work? It’s quite simple, the website is ranked on the basis of UX on Mobile Devices. If a site has an identical version both for mobile and desktop then it indexes the mobile version and in case If there is only one version, then it get index by the Google What is the hidden sign for the webmasters or Digital Marketers? The hidden sign is to learn the concept of Mobile SEO. Mobile Version Website or Mobile Friendly Website is necessary for every businessman because if you don’t opt it Google will show desktop version to your mobile user which irritates him and as a result, you lose a large number of potential customers. As we know, Nowadays more and more people are using their mobile devices for surfing the internet.

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4. Development of Quality Content We all know that Content is King and there are lots of blogs and Digital Marketer says that High-Quality Content is the key for High Rank in Google. But Can you understand, what does it exactly mean? Which kind of content known as “High Quality” content? Well , the answer is as simple, the content which is made for the user or the content which satisfy the urge of the Google Searcher. The person who is able to understand this trend of Google, dominate the SERP result completely.   5. Protection of Data of User Nowadays Online Security is a great deal and luckily, the government also taking it seriously. Besides govt. Google also taking it seriously and make the domain security one of the main ranking factor. If you are lacking on this point not only your website user will ignore you but also The Big Google Also starting ignoring you. 6 .  Seamless user experience A website is the mirror of your Business Reputation. If the user did not feel comfortable on your website then it means that he goes from your website without buying your service or product. If you want to increase your sales through your website then you should make WebPages which are easy to understand, minimal page load time, attractive design and having no technical issue.

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7.  SEO Blockchain Technology Block chain innovation has utilized in making the Internet increasingly secure, which is the reason it’s been getting popular afterward. Website admins are searching for ways to integrate this technology into their WebPages and get profit from it. It is expected from this technology that it can be utilized in SEO for approving the back links and other activities. Although it is undetermined till now that what kind of benefits given to the SEO by this block chain technology but some webmaster are doing research on it.   8. Influencer marketing There is huge competition in the market and all of the competitors want their user at least knows about them and their products or service. For completing this goal they use various kind of techniques among the most useful is to include influencer in your marketing which brings them huge sales.                                                                                                                                            To do this you have to connect with these influencers firstly and in this Social Media Helps you as almost all of them have accounts on these social media platforms. Among all social Media Channels, Instagram is the most popular one where more than 90 percent influencer is active.

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9. Long and in-depth content Research Shows that the chances of sale increase would be related to the time spent on the website by the website user. Now Question arises that why user spend time on your website? The reason is if your website content is engaging and long enough. Besides that Google also says that if you want to rank then you have at least 2000 words. The secret behind the length of content is that it engages the user with its size and information delivering by it.   10. Artificial intelligence Computer-based intelligence innovation has great potential. Due to which all kind of businesses is looking for the ways to use it for their business. Google is no exception if they become successful in identifying how they can take benefits of   AI  then it changes the SEO World surely.

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