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Kayla Yvette Womack is contributing towards Susan G Komen for the cure in her own ways. Kayla Womack has worked with various companies as an accountant.


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Kayla Yvette Womack Helps In Raising Awareness And Funds For Cancer Research

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Kayla Yvette Womack is advocate of Susan G Komen for the cure, an organization that offers breast cancer awareness and raises funds for the research in the field. The organization aims at ending breast cancer forever. It is one of the most active and renowned breast cancer movements in the US that has been actively making people aware about the cancer since 1982.

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The logo of the organization is a pink ribbon, which is designed to resemble a runner in motion. It is currently world's largest and most influential fund raising event for breast cancer education and research. The organization supports breast self examinations and universal screening mammography. They aim at making women aware enough to detect breast cancer at early stages so that the disease can be treated effectively and breast cancer death can be prevented.


Kayla Yvette Womack is contributing towards Susan G Komen for the cure in her own ways. She has created a group to support the cause. This group is called The Boobie Bunch and constitutes four members including Kayla. The group participates in 3 days walk for 60 miles every year and helps the organization in raising funds for the cancer awareness and research. The volunteers and affiliated groups strive to popularize the event and raise cash.

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Seventy percent of the money collected is spent for national research and large public health outreach programs, and the remaining amount is used for supporting local community and affiliate outreach programs. Kayla has been participating in the walk for more than 5 years and has collected over $10K for the cause.

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Kayla Yvette Womack is a well-educated, experienced, hard working, and committed professional. She has worked with various companies as an accountant. Currently, she is working as a senior accountant with Interstate National Dealer Services, Atlanta, GA.

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She handles various duties in routine, which include completing all month-end procedures; completing inter-company transactions; streamlining new processes; researching and resolving tax issues; implementing tax tracker system; etc. In her personal life, she is very decent, fun loving, caring, and kind individual. She loves her pet dogs and likes to spend time with her friends. When she gets some free time, she paints, builds puzzles, and exercises.

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