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Rahul Kaushik, one of the Famous Astrologer in delhi, delivers the best astrology services in India & and worldwide to his students including Vedic Astro.


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JYOTISH VEDANG PRESENTATION Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Jyotish Vedang is an India-based RD institution which works especially in the field of Astrology. And provides the best astrologer services in India. Besides this it also provides Vedic knowledge in a modern context. And was founded in 2012 by Mr Rahul Kaushik who is one of the best astrologer in Delhi today. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Astrology is a science of studying the effects of Planets Nakshatras and other energy points in Space. As a result it automatically shows an impact on a human being in all aspects of life. In addition to this it is the only science which gives accurate details of events in the past present and future. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Rahul kaushik made the vastu very easy based on Astrology he introduced a lot of contacts-concepts in the vastu based on Kp astrology through which one can have a very fast and quick results. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Mr. Rahul Kaushik has done intensive research on the Kaballah Numerology and Astro Numerology. Using which one can find with what numbers and names he/she has to connect in his life. In addition to this name correction is always a heated aspect in numerology. And based on Kaballah numerology it is very accurate. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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We consider Astro Remedies as a divine tool in astrology. Astro Remedies also helps in Vedic Astrology to provide solutions to problems of anyone’s life. Ranging from miseries – personal familial financial etc. to hurdles delays disillusionment confusions or the search for spiritual consciousness. The problems could be mental physical or even metaphorical. They could be material in nature too. Astro Remedies can give solutions to all the issues. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Gemstones are the medicinal arrangement given to any individual to build the quality of benefic planets. And decreasing the quality of malefic planets. Gemstones are the essential piece of soothsaying from the old circumstances. To endorse a gemstone evacuation of the evil effect of a malefic planet or to enhance the gainful effects of a benefic planet is very normal. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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We require BTR when an individual doesn’t have his birth details correct. Or when a person doesn’t have surety of the exact time of his birth. And if the time is between a half hour Or one hour. Or sometimes people are not having their year correct.4 So for the right prediction and remedies correct Horoscope is must as it’s a base or foundation. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Grand Occult Course is a complete course in itself. And secondly it is taught to you by the best astrologer in Delhi which is equally important. In addition it covers all the main branches of the Occult field. Hence you get to learn with greater depth from Basic to Advance Level in particular. Not only the basics of Astrology you’ll also learn Astro Vastu Lal Kitab as well as Numerology. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Astro Vastu is a combination of various Astrological concepts. For the reason it is used to rectify the Problematic Directions. Hence the methods of Astro Vastu are accurate. In particular these concepts can certainly give you sure shot remedies for each problem. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Lal Kitab is a branch of Astrology which is based on Kaalpurusha Kundali. Where the placement of the planets in each house are the signifiers of respective houses. Moreover this astrology online course covers all about Lal Kitab and Lal Kitab Vastu concepts. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Jaimini is a very versatile branch of Hindu astrology. Unlike the Parashari and Nadi Jyotish system Jaimini is a less practiced system till now. However it is one of the best systems having some best predictive tools in its basket. Visit us at: www.jyotishvedang.com

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Email: jyotishvedanggmail.com Contact Us at: +91-98990 35003 Address- Office No.- 301 3rd FloorTriveni Complex - 2 Veer Savarkar Block Shakarpur New Delhi Delhi 110092 Office Timings: Monday to Friday- 10am-5pm Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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