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The ideal industrial printing machine is now back in stock just for you. Pick out the newest single screen printing machine for efficient, budget-friendly, and accurate printing tasks for your production line.


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Jxin Print

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ABOUT US Jxin company has devoted itself to the research and innovation of screen printing automation technology for many years. With professional R&D team and years experience in the printing industry, we have been exploring and innovating in the field of screen printing and pad printing technology, and have developed many high-speed intelligent equipments to meet the needs of customers. 

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Single Screen Printing Machine Mini type, suit for home printing. The model is a small desktop flat bed screen printing machine , with the features of compact shape, simply operation. It is the best choice for the small batch printing.

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Pad Printing Machine For Sale Single-color pad printing machine is the main type of printing processing. It can be customized according to the requirements. It is widely used in plastic and metal surface printing , such as logo, character information and other pattern printing.

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Auto Screen Printing Machine With unique mechanical structure design, the machine can print up to 3000 times easily. Manual feeding and mechanical unloading can greatly reduce labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency. It is the first choice for painting of the curved surface and ring products .

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