Unit 1 Essential Question

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KULSHAN SOCIAL STUDIES Unit 1 Essential Question

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It’s intriguing to consider how quickly the colonists living in America shifted from being loyal subjects of the British government to rebels and traitors calling for complete independence. I agree. I often wonder what we can learn about the present by looking back to the past. What’s the point of studying history if we don’t use it to guide our future choices? Yeah, me too! Mr. Thran So, what can we learn from looking back at the American Revolution? Or that all empires eventually fall. Mr. Wooding I know! Americans don’t like taxes or big government.

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What do YOU think? Uncle Sam, you just gave us an idea. Why don’t you answer the Essential Question for yourself?

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Are you curious about what the Essential Question is? Click the YouTube video to learn more.

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What conditions cause people to challenge the status quo? Based on what you learned about the American Revolution, how can government enforce order without losing its legitimacy? This is your chance to show us why you’re H.O.T. In other words, your answer to the Essential Question should demonstrate Higher Order Thinking. This is also an opportunity to have FUN and be CREATIVE. Or make a music video or slideshow using pictures…Say cheese!

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Of course, there’s PowerPoint?

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OPTIONS Click here for 10 ways to create comics online. Click here for 12 ways to create videos online. Click here for 12 ways to publish slide shows.