Pipe relining Safer Option for Sewer Line Repairs

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Want to repair your clogged sewer line, but don’t want to disturb or damage your home or office l l landscaping. Well worry not.


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www.a-general.com Pipe relining: A Better and Safer Option for Sewer Line Repairs The lifespan of your home or commercial plumbing system much like humans starts to deteriorate or age with the wear and tear it goes through all the years. Though, we are still to manufacture pipes, sewer and drain line that will last forever, there are certain precautions one can take to increase the lifespan of your plumbing system and have a smooth flow of water, coming in and going out of your homes and offices.




www.a-general.com Remember that stresses from both, underground and over the ground can cause your sewer pipes to crack, break, or get clogged. In such a scenario, the usual solution is to dig up the sewer lines and replace them. This option, though effective, but can be expensive, inconvenient, and destructive for your landscaping. However, if you don’t want to dig up your property, Pipe relining may be a better and safer option.


www.a-general.com So, what exactly is Pipe Relining? Pipe relining is the method of fitting the inside of a sewer line or the drain line with a new, but smaller diameter pipe. This process involves putting another pipe inside the existing pipeline and then directing all drainage and sewage water into the newer pipe. This technique ensures you a complete pipe system replacement, with minimal digging and no harm is done to your yards, sprinklers, landscaping and building construction. Pipe relining is most effective for pipes that are about 4 inches in diameter or large drain systems that are up to about 5 feet in diameter.




www.a-general.com How does Pipe Relining Work? The Pipe relining system works by introducing another pipe or series of pipes into an existing sewer line. The new pipe is generally a felt-lined, epoxy-coated flexible pipe or a tube that is fitted into place, either in a single long piece or in segments. After this an inflating device is inserted into the pipeline to expand the new pipe liner and also to ensure the epoxy bonds is fixed to the inner surface of the old pipe.




www.a-general.com A video pipe inspection that is nowadays with any general plumbing service company is usually performed, to make sure that the new liner has been properly placed and there are no issues with the relining .


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