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Jordan Vogt Roberts Hollywood movies director is an American filmmaker and producer of Nick Offerman's Netflix concert film “Nick Offerman: American Ham.”directed the short film“Successful Alcoholics.


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JORDAN VOGT ROBERTS D i r e c t o r | P r o d u c e r | S c r e e n w r i t e r

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Movies Directed by JVR Kong: Skull Island 2017 Nick Offerman American Ham 2014 The kings of Summer 2013 Metal Gear Solid Cocked 2015

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The celebrity Jordan Vogt is a famous and remarkable Hollywood film producer director in the film industry and knows from the movies Kong: Skull Island. He also produces the greatest TV serials. Jordan Vogt Roberts is a famous director writer and producer in film industry. His first feature career film was The King of Summer and which he directed. He also directed Stephen Falks pilot “Youre the Worst” which is now a hit original series. The film which has been placed in the hands of director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Kong: Skull Island The Kings of Summer who has been patiently mulling over the yet-to- start process of casting a character as iconic as game series protagonist Solid Snake. About- Jordan V ogt Roberts

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One year after wrapping up his first big box office hit Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts likely didn ’ t expect to find himself embroiled in the kind of bizarre intense drama y ou’ d expect to see in a gritty actionmovie. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a guy that ’ s been in the entertainment business since 2013. H e’ s made a serious impact all the same since people know who he is now and have been watching for more of his work since he came onto the scene. Filmmaker Jordan Vogt

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Jordan Vogt –Roberts Detroit Michigan USA Ø Ø Ø Ø Stay Connected With Us

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