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Movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts said he got a chance to play Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding and has determined people aren’t ready for what Kojima has in store for them.


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HELLO I am Jordan Vogt Roberts American Filmmaker | Television Director | Film Screenwriter.

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INFORMATION ABOUT ME THE FAMOUS DIRECTOR IN HOLLYWOOD He has proved to be an amazing director in the world of Hollywood cinema. Many famous actors and actresses have shown interest in working with him. He is in high demand amongst the producers and entertainment companies due to his creative vision skills and dedication towards filmmaking. More info independent-young-and-pioneered-director/ STARTED HIS CAREER Jordan started his career with directing a few episodes of web series. He directed Memoirs of a Manchild Book Club and some episodes of Single Dads. These web series were of comedy genre and Jordan made sure that there is no stone left unturned and made these series a hit.

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SUCCESSFUL DIRECTOR Independent Young and Pioneered Director 1

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6 Metal Gear Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts

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“ His work has created such a positive impact on the film people that many of the actors and actresses have shown a keen interest in working with him.

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MOVIES DIRECTED BY JORDAN VOGT ROBERTS ▰ The Kings of Summer 2013 ▰ Kong: Skull Island 2017 ▰ Successful Alcoholics 2010

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Achievements of Jordan Vogt-Roberts in the World of Entertainment The best thing about Jordan Vogt Roberts was he has tried his skills in every category whether it is commercial digital or movies. Hence with the help of his extraordinary talent he converted a single episode of Memoirs of a Manchild into a short film named Mint in a Box in 2009.

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Place your screenshot here Jordan Vogt –Roberts Detroit Michigan USA Ø Ø Ø Ø CONTACT US

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THANKS Any questions You can find me at