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Jordan Charles Vogt-Roberts (born September 22, 1984) is an American film and television director and screenwriter. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Resurrecting an Icon for KONG: SKULL ISLAND (March 9, 2017).


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Jordan Vogt-Roberts:

Jordan Vogt-Roberts The American Film and Television Director

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Jordan Vogt Roberts most recent feature, KONG: SKULL ISLAND premiered to incredible box office numbers in March 2017.

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Filmmaker  Jordan Vogt-Roberts  marshals an extensive background in comedy with a focus on visual storytelling yielding prodigious credits in television. Jordan Charles Vogt-Roberts

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About Me The American director Jordan Vogt Roberts began his career with the feature film THE KINGS OF SUMMER after being a director in Hollywood, Jordan Vogt Roberts has directed a considerable number of films known as The Kings of Summer (2013 ), Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Successful Alcoholics (2010). Jordan Vogt-Roberts also create Web and commercial content for Ridley Scott's RSA productions, where he also directed award-winning projects that reached millions of viewers.

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Being a Hollywood director,  Jordan Vogt Roberts  has directed a considerable number of movies. He is a notable film and television director whose work has created milestones in the entertainment industry .

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Contact Information https :// https :// https :// / https :// / https :// Jordan Vogt–Roberts Detroit Michigan, USA

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