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Delicious Foods in Muscat You Must Experience Combining the culinary concepts from Indian Persian North African and Mediterranean  cuisines Oman lets you taste some of the most delicious fusion of food. Chicken lamb  and rice are the foundation of food here seasoned with ginger saffron nutmeg and  other ingredients offering you a flavour you would never find anywhere else. If you are  travelling to Muscat and want to go for a fine dining experience then here are the  cuisines that you should not miss out on.  Majboos  Majboos is rice mixed with saffron cooked with spicy red or white meat. This dish is also                                   known as Kabsa. It is often served on special occasions like weddings and engagement.                             There are many restaurants offering this ​popular food in Muscat ​. You can choose a good                               restaurant in Muscat city to get the best flavour of this cuisine. ​Read More