Growth of Preschool Franchising in India

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slide 1: Growth of Preschool Franchising in India Pre-School industry has experienced magnificent success over a decade now. It is known for catering the needs of providing education care as well as welfare to children in the age group of 1.5 to 5 years. The few major factors that have contributed in the growth of this industry are - increased awareness among parents about the many benefit of offering quality education to their kids peer pressure free pricing as well as low penetration. Considering the growth in this sector the people who own businesses in the education field have started franchising their businesses. Franchising is both challenging and exciting and the future of education franchise sector in India is undoubtedly very promising. There are several factors behind this success probability – It is difficult for any education service provider to achieve their goals on their own at a desired speed. The location factor plays an important role in the success story of the business. The education services survive on the demand that is generated in the location of the unit. Moreover women have a major role to play in the preschool segment. They have a huge opportunity to excel in the field of education while ensuring a good work- life balance an excellent environment social standing as well as sufficient financial returns that work wonders in encouraging them to take up a school franchise. And it would continue to do so in the coming future as franchising in India would continue to grow at a brisk rate. The challenges that every best franchise in India would face while taking up of the business and the importance of working with the right brand both are so empowering that you would have to bring together the right manpower that has the ability to deliver exactly what you’re expecting them to. Also you would need to build the right infrastructure choose the right time to launch the project communicate well with the audience and develop a strong relationship with the little ones and their parents in order to be aware of what they have to say about you. This also helps in taking a clear feedback from them which will help you grow better. The prospective franchisor is expected to achieve an economy of scale which is only possible if the franchisor is financially strong. The preschool industry is sure to make great progress in future but it would be the one who can survive in the long run with their unique ideas and impressive ways of marketing their brands. The market is full of competitive businesses each trying to do their best in terms of content creation and delivering excellence. These are your unique possessions that would make you stand out in this heavy competition. As we all know the concept of core competence is very

slide 2: soon going to be redundant but the challenges that are faced by each franchise differ variedly. The preschool industry is starting to overcome the challenges that the market is throwing on it one after another. If things continue as they are or in a better way there is nothing that can stop this industry from reaching the top.