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Julie D. Howell :

Julie D. Howell My Digital Story… Human Development 4.20.13

HI… This is me…:

HI… This is me… I love to cook… Ill be 27 in May I cant wait to become a marriage and family counselor People think its funny that I am working on a quilt… although this semester I haven't been able to work on it… I love my family I worked at a golf course for 9 years before starting on my graduate degree My dogs are my kids  I Love my best friend and cant wait to be engaged to him… Horses = happiness to me Lily is my favorite flower I could eat a million tacos and homemade eggrolls (YUM!!)


Here are my FAVORITE THINGS TO DO I love going to football and baseball game! WOOOO Pig SOOIE!! I could live on the lake! Golf is my Game!! On good days I can beat the Boys 

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Riding the razor!! I love Snow Skiing!! I Love Riding Horses!

Here are my Fav people…:

Here are my Fav people…

My calling to become a counselor…:

My calling to become a counselor… Started when I was a junior in high school…I just knew I wanted to be a marriage counselor …So I attended HSU In Arkadelphia Arkansas BAD NEWS THOUGH: As I was at the end of my junior year, my parents started to NOT get along….

My FAMILY got divorced… :

My FAMILY got divorced… After 21 years of marriage they were going to call it quits….

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This made me re-think my career choice I no longer thought counseling was my calling… I hated my family problems… I thought… “Why in the word would I want to deal with other peoples troubles!!” We couldn’t even deal with our own ”

MY PLAN= “Never become a counselor”:

MY PLAN= “Never become a counselor” My change of plans consisted of staying at Glenwood Country Club and taking a full time position which led me to become the Pro-Shop Manager

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I worked at Glenwood Country Club for 9 Years….

6 Years later…. God began changing my plans to HIS PLANS:

6 Years later…. God began changing my plans to HIS PLANS

I became unhappy and felt like there was more I was suppose to be doing….:

I became unhappy and felt like there was more I was suppose to be doing…. Sooo … I began to pray for direction and Gods plan for my life to take course

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….AND…Doors started to open as I prayed for direction and Gods plan for me

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I enrolled at JBU and began pursing Gods plan for me One day I will be able to help Gods people

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I know I am where I am suppose to be I have never been happier!!!! Gods plan is the one I want for my life Thanks for viewing my video… Hope you enjoyed it! 

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