Video Games in Schools

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Video Games in Schools:

Video Games in Schools Julia Popp

How are video games currently used in schools?:

How are video games currently used in schools? Training for the real world Supplementing lesson material Practicing skills learned in the classroom

Problem 1:

Problem 1 Video games have a bad reputation in society


Still? Video games are growing in popularity

Problem 2:

Problem 2 Games are accused of using rote memorization

But is that bad?:

But is that bad? Engaging gameplay makes learning fun

Problem 3:

Problem 3 Lack of human interaction


Completely? Students have friendly competition

Problem 4:

Problem 4 “Lazy” teaching

Not always:

Not always Good for “early finishers” during computer lab time


Closing Misunderstood Useful Fun


Sources Cultural Framing of Computer/Video Games / Changing the Game: What Happens When Video Games Enter the Classroom?

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