BUSS3 Chapter 13 Innovation

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Hand in work from Chapter 12 (Glaxo case study)

Chapter 13 Innovation :

Chapter 13 Innovation Learning Objectives At the end of this chapter you will be able to Understand the importance of innovation and R&D to the competitiveness of larger businesses Understand the costs and risks of innovation and research and development Understand the implications of innovation to finance, marketing and human resources

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Memory Challenge Operations strategies - Innovation

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Several key terms will appear They will disappear after 30 seconds (do not write anything in this time) Your task: (1)List the terms + (2) Define them (8 mins to get as many as possible)

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patent Idea generation Business Analysis Innovation Concept testing Idea screening Research & Development

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Over to you!

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Plan for today No 1’s teach no 2’s Research & Development No 2’s teach no 1’s Innovation Make notes and teach – ONLY 40 mins (it is only 2 pages each!) Gillette case study – complete in class R&D pottery case study for homework

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