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Apartheid :

Apartheid Kaj- your country today Anish Julia A partheid By: Kaj, Julia and Anish

History :

History In the seventeenth century South Africa was settled by the English who came in peace . Later the English and the Africans started the Boer War over the discovery of diamonds during the 1900’s.

Details of event :

Details of event Apartheid is a racist system that segregated races and classified citizens as either native, colored, Asian or white. Black people could only have certain jobs and go to certain places meant only for black people and white people had all the privileges. Black people lived in slums with very high crime

Deaths :

Deaths According to some statistics, 21,000 black or colored people died because of political violence in South Africa during Apartheid. It was dangerous to oppose the white regime.

Resolution :

Resolution Near the end of Apartheid countries began to embargo southrelease of Nelson Mandela and holding national elections there everyone was allowed to vote no matter what their color.

After Apartheid:

After Apartheid After Apartheid South Africa’s unemployment has been very high because the country has had problems with the many changes. The unemployment rate of black people has risen even though many black people have gained more money and respect. White people being poor used to be rare but now the numbers have risen. The current government has tried to guarantee both redistribution of wealth and economic growth. After the ANC government took over, the united nations human development index has fell. The government was unwilling to discuss aids so this could also be a problem

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela:

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Nelson Mandela was a son of a chief so he had the best possible education for a black person at the time in South Africa. He went to the Fort Hare University where he first began to get involved in a student protest. He pursued his dream of being a lawyer and joined the African National Congress (ANC). He went to court because of treason in 1956 he was found innocent but later he was arrested again for saying black people should be treated the same as white people that apartheid was bad, that it should be illegal. Nelson Mandela was held on Robben Island for 27 years in prison. When he came out he did not hate the white people that kept him there, he said and “We all have to move on and build a nation together.”

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