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The industry's first 360º interior virtual tour which only takes seconds to put buyers in the driver's seat. This happens by combining the technology of our PixZero app which captures, uploads, and publishes pictures instantly to our Media Layer - which displays pictures, interior 360º, and video in real time across all sites, browsers, and devices.


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The next generation of photos :

The next generation of photos

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…….:

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words……. PixZero : An Android App which captures, uploads, and publishes pictures instantly . …One device does it all Interior 360° : The industry’s first 360° interior virtual tour in just seconds. …Put your buyer in the driver’s sea t Media Layer : HTML5 layer that displays pictures, interior 360°, and video in real time across all sites, browsers, PC’s, mobile devices and tablets. …Instant publication, zero mistakes

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Zero effort : The entire process is completed through the PixZero App which guides the user, the process, and uploads the content automatically & instantly. Zero time : Pictures and 360° interior virtual tour are displayed through the media layer within seconds of capture. Zero mistakes : The content is stored and displayed from a single location in the Cloud - no more data feeds and CSV processing. Process F low:

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Our proprietary Android App, transforms Android Cameras into a Computer, a Network, a Server, and a Hub that will capture, collect, classify and upload all content ( photos, 360° virtual tour & video) to the Amazon Cloud. Computer Network Amazon’s S3 Cloud & 3 rd Parties Server Hub Camera The PixZero App:

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Equipment may be purchased by dealer or ordered through SiSTeR Technologies. Required Equipment:

Spin-IT - Photo booth, Turntable & EZ360 :

Spin-IT - Photo booth, Turntable & EZ360

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Click to see Spin-IT Sample Background Spin-IT is a joint venture between Carousel USA and SiSTeR Technology to provide high quality turntables and the EZ360 family of products. Best of both worlds Turntables Spin-IT offers 19’, 30,000 lbs. and 14’ 10,000 on a turnkey (delivered & installed) basis. Zero mistakes -> no headache. Exterior 360 an interactive 360 spin of the vehicle that works on all PC’s, tables and smartphones. …capture your audience All other service of Spin-IT included in the packages are identical to EZ360. Plans and consulting services for building the photo booth are offered free of charge. Hardware, Software & Services C ombined http://demos.sister.tv/Dorschel/ VinSolutionsPage.html (Copy & Paste Into Your Browser)

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Capture video to create exterior 360° Spin Exterior 360 spin : Exterior 360 Spin is created by cutting numerous frames out of a full motion video and a proprietary player. Fully Automated : The video capturing and automated upload process, as well as controlling the turn table are built into PIXZero . Efficiency: PixZero supports support one or two cameras. Adding a second, stationary, camera to capture the video provides for efficiency and redundancy. Process F low:

Packages & Pricing::

Packages & P ricing: Please contact us for a proposal. www.sister.tv or (972) 855-3500

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