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Company Overview : 

Company Overview 20701 N. Scottsdale Rd. P: 480.209.5827 Suite 107141 F: 623.242.7884 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 [email protected]

Agenda : 

Agenda Introduction to Sustainable Building Systems Overview of Traditional SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) Technology Sustainable Building Systems’ Proprietary Wall System The Hybrid SIP System – Technology and Economic Benefits Hybrid Sip System (HSS) - Applications Wrap-up

SBS: The Company : 

SBS: The Company Develops, manufactures, and markets panelized wall and roof systems for commercial, residential and institutional builders worldwide. Founded in 2006 SBS technology has been used to build over 100 homes in US. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ Strong Management Team & Advisory Board

Green Team : 

Green Team Jeff Black Founder and CEO Michael Lepore CFO Adam Williams COO George Nelson Director of Production Josh Sweetin Director of Sales

Introduction to SIPsOLD SIP TECHNOLOGY : 

Introduction to SIPsOLD SIP TECHNOLOGY Comprised of foam sandwiched by oriented strand board, plywood, cement siding, or metal Make up approximately 3-4% of the residential building products market Increased durability – resistance to wind, earthquakes, etc. Energy efficient – improves R-Values Reduced on-site construction time, however panels can be heavy and may require cranes Up-front costs usually higher than stick frame & changes in layout and openings can be difficult and costly

Sustainable Building SystemsNEW TECHNOLOGY : 

Sustainable Building SystemsNEW TECHNOLOGY Expanded Polystyrene foam encased in light gauge steel exoskeleton Incredibly lightweight – large panels can be handled by 1 person Easy to install - modifications are easy at jobsite 100% Recyclable – no wood No mold, pests, warping, fire or mildew

Sustainable Building Systems : 

Sustainable Building Systems High effective thermal resistance (R-values) – resulting in a 60-80% reduction in heating or cooling loss; translates into incredibly low energy bills! Up-front costs comparable to or cheaper than stick frame construction Panels can be used for wall, roof or floor assemblies 4-5 workers could construct a 1500 sq ft home in 4 hours Super durability – holds up to high winds, earthquakes, flying debris, etc.

Sustainable Building Systems has integrated environmentally responsible design into the HYBRID SIP Wall System, resulting in a product that is energy efficient, cost-effective and low maintenance – perfect for global green construction needs. : 

Sustainable Building Systems has integrated environmentally responsible design into the HYBRID SIP Wall System, resulting in a product that is energy efficient, cost-effective and low maintenance – perfect for global green construction needs. Energy Efficiency – 80-90% heat loss or gain improvement, better than traditional SIPs Materials Efficiency – 100% recyclable; no wood used, reducing dependence on old growth lumber; no waste at construction site; zero off-gassing – no atmospheric pollutants Improved Occupant Health – zero emissions, good ventilation, no mold, mildew, or microbial growth Building GREEN

HSS Benefits : 

HSS Benefits Simple Construction & Timeline Efficiency – Custom made & ready to assemble, Sustainable Building Systems walls can be constructed in hours with unskilled labor. Plumbing and electrical work is a snap with pre-cut channels Cost Savings – Up-front material costs are less than stick frame construction. Ease and speed of assembly makes it possible for expedited construction times. No material waste as panels are custom made at the factory Energy Efficiency – Sustainable Building Systems is one of the most efficient building systems for reducing heating costs. Improves heat loss and gain by up to 90% and reduces air leakage by up to 95% Environmentally Friendly – All panels are custom made, eliminating waste in the field. All materials used in the SBS are 100% recyclable, and have zero emissions Strength and Durability – SBS structures are 4 times as strong as stick-built structures. Panels are designed to withstand winds in excess of 160mph and meet seismic Zone 4 requirements

HSS Applications : 

HSS Applications Residential Military Industrial Commercial Institutional Sheds Low Income Planned Communities Custom Cabins Fencing Warehouses Manufacturing Plants Distribution Centers Storage Sites Offices Barracks Storage Fencing Office Buildings Retail Buildings Apartments Condominiums Schools Libraries Churches Convention Centers Garden Equipment Sports Equipment Security Stations Guest Quarters

Slide 11: 

Custom-made Hybrid Structural Steel Panels Are delivered to jobsite Individually numbered, and ready to assemble Panel tracks are installed on home foundation for exterior and interior walls Lightweight HSS panels are placed in tracks and fastened into place with self-taping screws Panels are fastened together in the top with steel brackets and self-taping screws Interior and exterior finishes are applied – sheetrock is attached directly to panels and exterior is stuccoed Finished Home! HSS Installation

Summary : 

Summary Sustainable Building Systems is less expensive, easier to install, and is better quality than stick frame and the traditional SIP System. Sustainable Building Systems has integrated environmentally responsible design and construction principles into the Hybrid SIP Wall System, making it an ideal Green Building solution.

Thank you! : 

Thank you! Visit us on the web P: F: 623.242.7884 E: [email protected]

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